What is the HCG Diet? Thank you for visiting our HCG Frequently Asked Questions page, just click the categories below to get all your questions about the HCG Diet answered, regardless of what phase of the diet you're on!

HCG Ordering Questions

  1. How long does a 1 oz. bottle of HCG drops last?

    A 1-ounce bottle of the DIY HCG drops lasts about 20 days, when using the recommended dosage. A 1-ounce bottle is not enough HCG to get you through a round.

  2. How long does a 2 oz. bottle of HCG drops last?

    A 2-ounce bottle of the DIY HCG drops lasts about 40 days when using the recommended dosage.

  3. How many ounces of drops do I need for a round of HCG?

    Phase 2 of the HCG Diet (the phase where you take the drops) has a minimum recommended number of 23 days and a maximum of 40 days. Therefore, you need at least a 2-ounce bottle to complete a round. If you want/need to increase your dosage slightly (as some people do), you'll need an additional ounce of the HCG.

  4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    DIY Diet Store uses two different shipping methods USPS and UPS. Look at our estimated delivery time map here.

  5. Why is your price higher than other HCG companies?

    We have priced our HCG drops by what we see as fair market value. We take into consideration all of the extra values that we provide like the Loser’s Manual, our live customer service line, the enormous amount of information on our website, our always in stock policy, and our vast expertise on the diet. There are some HCG sites that are more expensive and less expensive than we are, but we feel that we priced our HCG drops 'just right' for our customers based on the value they will receive in working with us over other companies out there.

    Note: Many times HCG homeopathic formulas are made by individuals literally in their back room, garage, or basement without a controlled process and with no regard for the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Obviously, the quality and consistency of these individual operations could vary significantly. Therefore, make sure you are ordering your HCG drops from a trusted source.

  6. Why would I buy my HCG drops from DIYHCG?

    • Our HCG drops are legally ordered from a U.S. company where the “laboratory is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities… All procedures follow strictly the guidelines set forth in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which is the official document governing homeopathic manufacturing in this country.”
    • We ship via USPS for all domestic orders from Missouri, USA. No longer will you have to wait 3-6 weeks for some weird type of HCG to come in from a foreign country! The typical time from placing an order to having it on your door step averages 3-5 business days!
    • The HCG drops are easy to travel with as they require no refrigeration, no need to carry around needles, no alcohol pads, etc.
    • Our HCG drops do not require you to do any mixing. Let’s face it, how many dieters are qualified to mix prescription HCG. Of course, you can do it, but please double check all your calculations and use utmost care in preparation, especially if you will be injecting the HCG.
    • We have multiple types of HCG formulas to fit your specific needs. Our type of HCG drops that include alcohol, acts as a preservative keeping the HCG active and effective for much longer than injection types.
  7. What is the difference between alcohol base and mineral water base?

    From our experience, both the alcohol based and mineral water based HCG drops are equally effective. Here are a few reasons you may choose one versus the other are:

    • The mineral base is recommended to be refrigerated; while the alcohol based HCG is not.
    • Some people have an aversion to alcohol or avoid alcohol for various reasons, so the mineral base provides an alternative.
    • The mineral base has little to no taste while the alcohol has a sweeter taste and hint of alcohol which some people prefer to psychologically feel better known the HCG formula isn’t “just water.”
  8. What's the difference between the original formula and the 'energy plus' formula?

    The original formula has been 'tried and tested' for many, many years now and it's great... but we wanted to offer a little more. Low energy is known as a common side effects of the HCG Diet, then the 'Energy Plus' formula was born! These new drops have homeopathic vitamin B-12 added to the formula to give you that extra boost of energy along with an additional hcg potency level, 6x, which may be considered ‘stronger’ by some participants. Both formulas are equally effective in regards to average weight loss.

  9. What will come with my order of HCG Drops?

    You will receive DIY HCG Loser’s Manual, an informational booklet that tells you how to do the HCG Diet, and a calibrated dropper comes with the bottle to administer the HCG drops. If you want an oral syringe to administer the HCG drops, just be sure to request it when you place your order with us.

  10. What information is included in my order?

    Most companies just give you a bottle of HCG and expect you to get all the information yourself online, but not us. In your order, you will receive a DIY HCG Loser’s Manual. Inside the Loser's Manual you will find information on how to take the HCG drops, instructions for all phases of the HCG Diet, sample menus, a body measurement log, and a weekly food chart you can use for tracking your food intake.

Preliminary HCG Diet Questions

  1. What is the HCG Diet? Can I skip Phase 1 of the HCG Diet?

    Yes, through years of experience, we have found that HCG Phase 1 is not required. HCG Phase 1 was a term that was coined by Kevin Trudeau, as a phase that includes cleanses and colonics. We follow Dr. Simeons’ HCG manuscript, as he did NOT include HCG Phase 1 as part of the HCG Diet. Since Phase 1 is not a part of Dr. Simeons’ manuscript we consider it completely optional.

  2. How much weight can I expect to lose while on the DIY HCG Diet?

    Keep in mind that everyone’s bodies are different. Therefore, some people will lose more and some people lose less while on the HCG Diet. HOWEVER, the typical HCG weight loss reported to us by our customers who follow the HCG Protocol correctly has been…drum roll please… 20-30 lbs in about a month. Men lose more weight and at a faster rate (as they always do, ugh.) but women have FANTASTIC results as well.

  3. Is it true that people lose more weight when using HCG injections than when they use the HCG drops?

    We, the owners of DIY HCG, have been working with the HCG Diet since 2007. At the beginning we supported the HCG injections and had customers who experienced great results of 20-30 lbs lost in about a month. In 2008, we heard about homeopathic HCG (commonly mistaken as HGC). We tried it out on ourselves, then some family members, and finally some customer volunteers. And lo and behold, everyone reported the same weight loss results, and many participants reported feeling less hungry and having more energy. We kept working with both types (prescription HCG injections and homeopathic HCG drops) for a while, but then completely switched over to the HCG Diet drops when we were confident the results were great AND we saw significantly less reports of hair loss.

    Bottom line: NO we have not found it to be true (based on feedback from our customers) that those on HCG injections lose more weight than those using the HCG Diet drops. It just so happens that the HCG drops are much cheaper. Go figure.

  4. What is a summary of a typical round of the HCG Diet?

    • HCG Day 1 & 2: Take the HCG Diet Drops and gorge. (Eat as much fatty food as you can get down.)
    • HCG Day 3 - Day 23 or up to Day 40: Take the HCG Diet Drops and follow the 500 calorie diet as outlined in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript.
    • HCG Exit Days (3 Days): After the last day of taking the HCG Diet Drops, you must keep following the 500 calorie diet for three days after stopping the HCG drops. Otherwise, YOU MAY GAIN WEIGHT.
    • HCG Maintenance 1st 3 weeks off HCG Diet drops: No Sugars and No starches. Control weight with morning weighing and HCG Steak Days (if needed).
    • HCG Maintenance 2nd 3 weeks off HCG Diet drops: Slowly add in sugars and starches. Control weight with morning weighing and HCG Steak Days (if needed).
    • Life: Control weight with morning weighing and HCG Steak Days (if needed).

    Because it is so important, we have Dr. Simeons’ HCG manuscript available as a free download from DIY HCG. There is a free download of the HCG manuscript on the homepage of diyhcg.com. Even if you don’t read the whole HCG manuscript, PLEASE do yourself a favor and read these few sections of the HCG manuscript, “The Diet” (p. 25 of the PDF), “Cosmetics” (p. 30 of the PDF), and “Concluding a Course” (p. 36 of the PDF).

  5. Won’t I still lose the same amount of weight just eating a very low calorie diet without spending the money on the HCG Drops?

    Most people will lose weight by simply decreasing their caloric intake and increasing their amount of activity. However, that simply does not work for some people. AND, for the people for which it does work, the weight lost is not usually the fat that they really want gone: belly, upper arms, butt, neck fat, etc. If you try to just eat the 500 calories, good luck. Let me know in about…um…a day or two how you are doing on the diet. Actually, just tell me how many hours you were on it before you gave up due to extreme fatigue, hunger, and general “horrible” feeling. If you are a trooper and do stay on it for about a week, you will most probably lose weight. The weight will be in your face, your chest (ladies), the cute part of your butt (ladies), and in muscle (guys and ladies). You will also be exhausted and weak and FEEL like you are on a 500 calorie diet. Then, after you have lost a few pounds, your body will most likely go into ‘starvation mode’ and start holding on to everything that you put into your mouth until you give up. But watch out because you will start to gain weight quickly while your body ‘recovers’ what it lost plus a little more for safekeeping. Sound familiar? So, that is a not-so-fun weight loss technique. But hey, if you want to save the $80 measly dollars (about $2 per day), then have at it! On the other hand, with the HCG in your system, you will have the HCG pumping through you and releasing fat, calories, protein from your usually inaccessible fat reserves making you feel full already + you are eating your 500 calories allowed per day. You will find that you are feeling great, having energy, losing from where you want to lose, and totally reshaping your body. Then, when you come off the HCG and 500 calorie diet, do the HCG Diet Maintenance Phase for 6 weeks. And, guess what! Most people have a much better chance of maintaining their HCG weight loss. It’s amazing! We know.

  6. What items do I need for the HCG Diet?

    There are many items that you can get for the HCG Diet to make your HCG dieting experience easier. Here is the HCG Shopping Checklist.

    Required for the HCG Diet:

    • DIY HCG Drops
    • Method to administer the HCG - An oral syringe comes with your order if using DIYHCG.com
    • Kitchen scale that measures to the tenths spot (.1 or .2 lb) - See the brand we recommend here
    • Bathroom scale that measures to the tenth spot (.1 or .2 lb)

    Highly Suggested items for HCG Diet:

    • Non-stick grill (George Foreman or similar)
    • Ziptop bags - For easy meal prep, you can weigh, cut, and cook you meat, and bag up for lunches
    • Stevia Packets - See the brand we recommend here
    • Flavored Stevia Drops - Used to spruce up tea, coffee, and water, see the brand we recommend here
    • Measuring tape
    • HCG Safe Lotion - Mineral oil or Tiffalina's Body Lotion
    • HCG Safe Lip Moisturizer - Mineral oil or Tiffalina's Lip Balm
    • HCG Safe Oil-free Shampoo & Conditioner - Herbal Essence Drama Clean or Tiffalina's Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner Kit
    • Dove bar soap or Ivory bar soap
    • HCG Approved Spices - See the Simple Girl Seasonings brand here
    • HCG Approved Salad Dressings - Available in Simple Girl Balsamic Vinaigrette, Simple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette, Simple Girl Sweet Mustard, and Simple Girl Citrus Ginger, see them here
    • HCG Approved Sauces - Simple Girl Carolina Style BBQ Sauce, Simple Girl Hot Sauce, Simple Girl Chili Tomato Sauce, Simple Girl Italiano Tomato Sauce are available, see them here
    • HCG Diet Books - Such as the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide, 101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes, My HCG Tracker, Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol (especially when you enter P3 of the diet), 201 Worry-Free HCG Maintenance Recipes, see all of the books here

    Optional for the HCG Diet:

    • HCG Safe Oil-Free Deodorant - The Crystal Stick or Roll-on or Secret Flawless Clear Crystal Deodorant (Clear Gel)
    • HCG Safe Oil-free Shaving Cream
    • HCG Safe Oil-free Hand soap - Softsoap Hand Wash Aquarium
    • HCG Onion Cooker - This awesome tool helps you quickly and easily prepare an onion with just a microwave, get it here
    • Latex gloves - To use if you are going to be baking, dealing with fatty meats, or putting ointment or other oily/moisturizing substances on someone else (for example, a baby with a diaper rash)
    • HCG Safe Toothpaste - Ultrabright Toothpaste

HCG Formula / HCG Dosage Questions

  1. What time a day should I take the HCG drops? Does it matter what time you take the HCG diet drops throughout the day?

    As with any remedy or medication, the HCG Diet drop doses should be spread out evenly throughout the day to keep the HCG going through your system for best results on the HCG Diet. For example, 8 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm are good evenly spaced times to take the HCG drops at. Accommodate the timing to fit your schedule. Only take the HCG drops during your waking hours. For instance if you work 3rd shift, you do not want to use the 8 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm scheduling because you would have to wake up from sleep to take your HCG drops. So your schedule might be 6 pm, 12 am, 6 am. Whatever works for you is fine, just keep your doses spread out about 5-6 hours each.

  2. Where are the DIY HCG Diet drops manufactured?

    Our HCG is made in a United States lab. The lab is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

  3. How many I.U.s are in your HCG?

    There are no international unit equivalents in homeopathic preparations. Therefore, there is no equivalence to homeopathic dosing to prescription dosing. However, based on OUR experience with both HCG injections and homeopathic HCG, the following is an approximation of the effectiveness of different dosages between the two methods. These are in no way scientific measurements, but rather how our clients reported feeling and progressing on the different forms of HCG.

    HomeopathicHCGInjection HCG

    15 drops = .5 cc 3x per day 125 i.u. 1x per day* Most participants feel fine at this level.
    17 drops = .6 cc 3x per day 150 i.u. 1x per day Several participants feel better at this level.
    19 drops = .7 cc 3x per day 175 i.u. 1x per day A few participants feel better with a little more.
    20 drops = .8 cc 3x per day 200 i.u. 1x per day Rarely, a participant feels best at this level.

    This approximation is based on several people who have personally done both methods and many other participants who have done one or the other. For example, many people do fine at 125 i.u. (and .5 three times per day), another good chunk of people are highly improved by going to 150 i.u. (or .6 three times per day), a few need to go to 175 i.u. (.7 three times per day) to be comfortable, and only rarely does someone go all the way to 200 i.u. (.8 three times per day) to be comfortable on the protocol. We considered how participants felt along with hunger level, energy level, and weight loss in this translation.

    *Dr. Simeons started everyone at 125 i.u. injection one time daily. That is why we recommend starting with the approximate equivalent of 125 i.u., which is .5 cc 3 times a day or .75 cc 2 times a day – whichever you prefer.

  4. Are these DIY HCG Diet Drops ‘real’ HCG?

    Yes, our drops are started with real, human form prescription, HCG that has been formulated according to homeopathic standard processes. Homeopathy is based on both physical ingredients that you can see and resonance/frequencies that you cannot see. Ingredients are put into a liquid, alcohol medium for preservation. While some homeopathic HCG remedies do not start with the physical proponents, but only include the frequencies of the proponents in a formula, the HCG formula we handle does start with the prescription HCG used for injections.

  5. Is HCG FDA-Approved?

    The FDA has NOT approved HCG specifically for weight loss. While this may be alarming to some potential participants, we do NOT disagree with the FDA because HCG alone does NOT make you lose weight. It is ONLY when HCG is used correctly with the very specific diet that customers see weight loss. Just to reiterate, following the HCG diet includes perfect adherence to the very low calorie diet and other restrictions that specifically apply to what goes into your mouth and onto your skin.

  6. What is the difference between the DIY HCG Diet Drops and Mediral HCG Drops?

    We have had experience and found similar weight loss results with all of these different types of HCG. The main difference is that the DIY HCG drops contain a proprietary blend of HCG cell salts to help with small diet side effects sometimes reported like muscle cramping. The Mediral brand of drops do not.

  7. Do the HCG injections work better than homeopathic HCG? Why do you prefer the homeopathic HCG diet drops more?

    First, and most importantly, we have seen the same (if not better) great weight loss results with the homeopathic HCG drops as with the injections or other methods. Many people who have done both forms of HCG and have reported less hunger and more energy while on the HCG diet drops than while on the injections. Some other reasons that we prefer and, therefore, switched almost exclusively from injections to the homeopathic drops are:

    • Can travel anywhere (no refrigeration required)
    • No mixing
    • Longer shelf life
    • Substantial cost savings
    • No needles... ouch!
    • No additional supplies required, such as alcohol pads, syringes, etc.
  8. Do I have to mix the HCG drops when they arrive?

    No. When the DIY HCG drops arrive on your doorstep, they are a premixed formula and ready to use! Hooray!

  9. Why do some people need to adjust their dosage of HCG?

    Some customers have reported feeling some relief from hunger and fatigue when they increase their dose, but keep in mind that a dose increase is not recommended during the first week of the low calorie diet as your body is still adjusting. Also, an unnecessary dose increase will not result in increased weight loss, but could cause stalling or gaining instead, so be aware as you make this decision. There will be more directions on how and when you may want to increase your dosage in the DIY HCG Loser’s Manual you will receive with your order.

  10. I skipped or missed a dose of HCG, what do I do?

    If you just recently missed a dose of HCG, go ahead and take the dose. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the last dose and DO NOT take twice as much.

  11. Will these HCG drop test positive on a pregnancy test? I tested these HCG drops on a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Does that mean that it will no longer work?

    No, a negative pregnancy test result with homeopathic HCG does not mean that the HCG is not potent. We tested this ourselves before we started using the homeopathic. When the homeopathic HCG did not turn a pregnancy test positive we asked the same question of both our homeopathic specialist and another doctor. Both confirmed that this was the expected result (negative pregnancy test) because it is a homeopathic formulation, which would require a different testing method. Specifically, homeopathy is based on both physical ingredients that you can see and resonance/frequencies that you cannot see, but these are not cheaply or easily measured. It is for this reason why you want to be sure you are dealing with an experienced, reputable lab. The manufacturer we use for our products is “a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.”

HCG Gorge Questions

  1. What is the purpose of the HCG gorge days?

    According to Dr. Simeons, it takes until about the third day of HCG before the abnormal fat starts to circulate. The gorge days are meant to fill up your fat stores to carry you over through your first few very low calorie days until the HCG has a chance to fully kick it.

    If you did NOT gorge, then your body would truly be on only 500 calories for the first 1-3 days, which is dangerous and could lead to fainting or extreme weakness. By eating to capacity for the first 2 days of the HCG Diet, this really stocks up your normal fat reserves and then these carry you through those first couple days. If you do not gorge, you could be quite miserable for the first week of the HCG diet. It could make you feel nauseated, extremely weak, extremely hungry, and more. So, both Dr. Simeons' manuscript and we STRONGLY recommend that you do the HCG gorge days and gorge well to ensure your success.

  2. Do I have to gorge? Is it required?

    Yes! You must complete the gorge days, this step gets your body’s normal fat reserves stocked up to keep you feeling okay until the HCG has fully opened up your abnormal fat reserves to start releasing fat from there according to Dr. Simeons. If you do not gorge, you may be miserable for the first 4-7 days of the HCG diet.

  3. What are the best foods to eat on your HCG GORGE days?

    On your gorge days the best foods to eat are the fatty, fatty, fatty foods! So, dig in! Some gorge ideas include peanut butter, full-fat greek yogurt, avocados, fried foods, nuts, bacon, sausage, cheese, full-fat salad dressings. For more ideas explore our sample gorge menus here!

  4. Do I take the HCG drops on the gorge days?

    Yes. You need to take your HCG drops as of the morning of your first gorge day. It takes about 3 days for the HCG drops do get fully circulated into your system, so if you didn't take the HCG drops during your gorge days you'll be very, very hungry the first few days of the diet.

General HCG Phase 2 Questions

  1. Will I be hungry on Phase 2 of the HCG?

    During the first week of the diet some people experience negative symptoms, such as hunger, as your body may still be adjusting to the diet and the overall healthier foods. Just so you know the peak of these symptoms is usually around day 4 or 5 of the very low calorie diet. After the first week you should notice a significant difference in hunger.

    Here are a few some things that you can do to alleviate hunger while on HCG.

    • Drink Water: The first and easiest thing you can do it to drink more water.
    • Split Fruit and/or Grissini From Meals: You can also try splitting your fruits and/or grissini away from main diet 'meals' for example, one of your apples for breakfast and then having another fruit for an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. Just make sure that when you split your fruit or grissini or Melba toast away from your meal that you do NOT eat it at your meal too.
  2. Are the DIY HCG Diet Drops to be taken sublingually or do you inject thems?

    The DIY HCG drops are to be taken orally under your tongue and are NEVER supposed to be injected.

  3. Does it matter what time you take the HCG Diet drops throughout the day?

    As with any remedy or medication, the HCG Diet drop doses should be spread out evenly throughout the day to keep the HCG going through your system for best results on the HCG Diet. For example, 8 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm are good evenly spaced times to take them at. 7am , 4pm, and 7pm works fine too. Just keep it spread out.

  4. How do you take the DIY HCG Diet drops?

    When you order from DIY HCG, your bottle of HCG has calibrated dropper inside and a calibrated oral syringe. Simply measure out .5 cc or .5 ml, then slowly squirt under your tongue. Let them sit there (as best you can) for about 2 minutes. Then, swallow whatever remains. Do not eat or drink anything besides water for 15 minutes before or after taking the HCG. You will receive further instructions in the “Loser’s Manual” you will receive with your order from DIYHCG.com.

  5. Will the very low calorie diet of the HCG Diet slow down my metabolism?

    In most cases of restricting caloric intake, this would be probable. However, you must keep in mind that you are going to be taking HCG along with the very low calorie diet. Remember, what does the HCG do? According to Dr. Simeons manuscript, HCG allows you to tap into your abnormal fat resources and RELEASE all of those fats, calories, proteins, etc. that are stored there into your bloodstream. Therefore, your body is not only getting the 500 calories eaten, but is also getting 1500-4000 calories (per Dr. Simeons) that the HCG releases from your abnormal fat stores. This is why you are not hungry, why your metabolism does NOT slow down, and why you are not ripping someone’s head off because you just have to EAT.

  6. Can I take vitamins while on the HCG protocol?

    We do not recommend taking any vitamins while on the HCG diet plan. Dr. Simeons allowed vitamin C, D, and calcium ONLY when needed for medical reasons. These must be taken in non-oily, non- capsule, pill forms with no other ingredients listed and no nutrition facts.

  7. Can I take homeopathic vitamins while on the HCG protocol?

    Recently there has been discussion about homeopathic vitamins, so we did test it out on ourselves and with some willing HCG clients. Our conclusion: vitamins in homeopathic form, therefore no sugars, oils, etc., seemed to allow steady weight loss in customers who used it. Based on the huge demand, we now offer it homeopathic Vitamin B-12 and homeopathic Cell Salts. Check it out if you want to give it a try. We recommend homeopathic form ONLY! Otherwise, it may have extra nutritional value (carbs, sugars, chemicals, etc.), which can slow your weight loss.

  8. What if I cheat during phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

    If you cheat on the HCG diet, dust yourself off and get right back in there. Don’t gorge again or anything like that. You cheated and it may set your weight loss back up to 3 days. Now get your mind back in the right place, get right back on the 500 calorie diet, and move forward as if nothing ever happened. You should have an ultimate goal of completing 21 consecutive, non-cheating days on the HCG diet at some point (according to Dr. Simeons) to positively affect your long term metabolism reset and weight loss results.

  9. Does the rapid weight loss decrease a bit after the first two weeks?

    It is typical for people to lose about 7-12 lbs the first week and about 1 lb per day through the next week of the HCG diet. During weeks three and on, .5 – 1 lb per day is okay and normal for women. Men, should continue to lose at least .75 – 1.5 lb per day until the end of the round of the HCG diet.

  10. I have been exercising, can I continue to exercise on the HCG Diet?

    If you already exercise and have been doing so regularly for at least 2 months prior to starting the HCG diet, you can usually continue your exercise routine as long as it doesn’t include heavy weight lifting or extreme exhaustion. Just listen to how your body reacts AND watch the scale. If your weight loss is slowing or stopping all together, we suggest stopping all exercise except walking for the remained of the HCG diet.

  11. I have not been exercising, can I start something new while on the HCG Diet?

    If you want to start something new when starting the HCG diet, you can begin walking. A brisk walk each day is great for anyone. Don’t start walking 10 miles on the first day though, because it can stall you.

HCG Phase 2 Food Questions

  1. What foods are allowed on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

    Basically there is a very specific list of allowed proteins, vegetables, fruits, and “carbs” that you are allowed in VERY limited quantities throughout the day. There is, however, NO pre-packaged food that you must buy, no expensive diet snacks, and no meal membership programs. In fact, most people save a significant amount of money when they do the HCG diet because of the small amount of natural foods they are eating. Get the food list here.

  2. What sweeteners are allowed on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

    There are two types of sweeteners allowed on the HCG Diet: stevia and saccharin. Saccharin has been getting a bad rep for years as an artificial product that potentially causes different health problems and other issues. Saccharin is allowed, but not necessarily recommended. On the other hand, stevia is an all-natural sweetener from South America. It’s toxin free! Yay! We all like that. We chose to sell stevia, not saccharin, to our valued customers for use on phase 2 of the HCG diet. After all, we care about your overall health, and you must too; otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this site today. Visit the stevia section HERE to stock up today! Note: There are many stevia products coming to market – most have added invalid ingredients, so you must be very careful when selecting a stevia product. The product should not have ANY form of sugar added such as maltodextrin. Use caution in selecting stevia products or purchase from DIY HCG to rest assured that you are getting an acceptable brand.

  3. Can I mix vegetables while on HCG Phase 2?

    NO. According to Dr. Simeons who spent 20 YEARS researching the HCG Diet, the rule is NO mixing.

  4. Can I use frozen or canned fruits and vegetables on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

    Flash-frozen fruits and vegetables are fine, but fresh is best. We do not recommend using canned fruits of vegetables on the HCG diet because the have lower nutrients and can have preservatives. If you're in a pinch remember that frozen items are highly preferable over canned items during HCG phase 2.

  5. Can I have gum, mints, lozenges, cough syrup, tic tacs, etc on the HCG Diet?

    NO. The only things allowed in your mouth are the foods on the HCG Phase 2 Food List here. No gums, mints, lozenges, cough syrups, tic tacs, or anything else that you can chew on, suck on, or drink. These products all contain chemicals or other ingredients that are simply not allowed on the HCG VLCD phase.

  6. I am so full. Is it okay to skip meals on the HCG Diet?

    We do not recommend skipping meals, but if you are so full that you cannot get the food down, here is the order in which we recommend you ‘drop’ portions of your HCG diet “meals”. First, drop your “carb”. Those are not necessary at all and are purely a psychological treat. Next, drop your fruits. Then, drop your veggies. We NEVER recommend skipping your protein servings! You need that protein and if you do not eat it, you may slow, stall, or gain. It appears to be a very necessary part of the HCG diet. Again, don’t skip your proteins.

  7. What is vegetable serving size on Phase 2?

    There is no set serving size for vegetables on phase 2. After working with thousands of participants both in consulting offices and online, we have found these simple guidelines to help people along for vegetables:

    • Allowable vegetables should be eaten with your protein at your two meal times-- NO GRAZING on vegetables throughout the day.
    • Vegetable serving size is not specifically restricted. In general, participants can eat vegetables with their protein until feeling full. However, tomatoes and onions are higher in carbs than the other selections, so you may want to limit these selections to 1 large or 2 small if you feel your weight loss is slowing down.
  8. Can I drink alcohol on Phase 2 the HCG Diet?

    No. The only liquids allowed are coffee, tea, and water.

  9. Are miracle noddles allowed on HCG P2?

    Miracle noodles are a new type of food that was not in existence when Dr. Simeons wrote his manuscript. They are considered an insoluble fiber that your body cannot digest. The evidence is not yet conclusive as to whether or not they affect weight loss in a positive or negative way on the diet. As with other things that are not proven with the protocol this is an item that you should make a note of on your journal or HCG Tracker should you choose to try them to find out if it affects your rate of loss.

  10. Can I eat the same meats frequently while on HCG P2?

    An dieter should vary their protein selections to get a variety of vitamins and nutrients while on phase 2. In addition, ground beef in particular, should only be eaten 2-3 times a week since American beef is fattier than the beef to which Dr. Simeons referred and ground beef generally contains more fat than the other cuts of beef.

  11. How do you distinguish between vegetables or spices in seasonings?

    This question applies to seasonings that have ingredients such as onion salt, onion powder, dehydrated onion, and fresh whole onion.

    We contend that an item may be classified as a spice or a vegetable depending upon which form it takes. We base the distinction on this determining factor, 'Does it dissolve when added to liquid?' If yes, it counts as a spice. If no, it counts as a vegetable. Remember that you can only have one type of vegetable per HCG meal. Therefore if you are using a product with 'dehydrated onion' you will need to have more onion as your vegetable.

  12. How many ounces are in 100 grams?

    100 grams is equal to 3.527 ounces. This is very important to keep in mind when measuring your meat servings for your HCG meals. If you do not measure your meats correctly you could experience slow weight loss or stalled weight loss.

  13. Is the BBQ Sauce allowed on P2 of the HCG Diet?

    The 'Perfect Portions' brand of BBQ sauce is allowed on phase 2 of the HCG diet. There are 5 calories and 1 carb in a 2 tablespoon serving of our HCG safe BBQ sauce, so some participants question if it's allowed. But, in ‘The Diet’ section of Dr. Simeons’ HCG manuscript stipulates that cider vinegar, pure spices and stevia are allowed on the protocol, which are the ingredients used in making this tasty BBQ Sauce. Since the calories and carb come from these safe items, the BBQ sauce is most assuredly protocol compliant.

  14. Why do the grissini sticks have oil as an ingredient? Are they allowed on HCG P2?

    We know that extra virgin oil is the third ingredient in our grissini sticks, but this ingredient only equals a miniscule of oil and calories in the breadsticks. These grissini breadstick ARE allowed, you get one breadstick per meal and there are only about 10 calories in each. The majority of the calories in the grissini sticks come from the flour, not the oil. Our brand of grissini sticks are imported from Italy, so they are the exact breadsticks that Dr. Simeons called for in his HCG manuscript.

  15. What is a meat serving size for the HCG Diet?

    According to Dr. Simeons, the allowed size of meat is 100 grams. The allowed types of meats are veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. According to Dr. Simeons, the meats need to be prepared by having all visible fat carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat.

  16. HCG Phase 2 Hygiene Questions

    1. Do I need to change my hygiene products on HCG?

      Yes! To prepare for the HCG diet take out all your cosmetics, lotions, soaps, etc. and make sure that none of them list oil, or any type of fat in their ingredients. If they do, you should NOT use them during the HCG diet. Lucky for you DIYHCG.com now offers a full line of Tiffalina's HCG Personal Care Products. Hygiene items need to be switched out in order to maximize weight loss.

    2. What type of make-up can I use on HCG?

      Powdered mineral foundation, eye-shadow, blush, mascara, lip liner, and eye liner are usually fine of HCG. Watch out for lip products and liquid foundations while on HCG! We strongly suggest that you do not use a liquid foundation, try something like Bare Essentials or other more natural make-up lines. For lip moisturizer we recommend the Tiffalina's HCG Lip Balm.

    3. Can I use my lotion while on the HCG Diet?

      NO! We have yet to find a lotion that allows the best weight loss on the HCG diet. Basically, while on the HCG diet you are not allowed to eat any fat. But, whenever you put anything with oils or fats on your skin, it gets absorbed through your skin and processed in your body just as if you have eaten it. Anything with fats, oils, etc. in it like lotions, creams, soaps, deodorants, hand soap, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. can stall or slow your HCG weight loss. In some cases, you may actually GAIN weight while you are taking the HCG and using these types of products! For this short time -- just say no! If you need to use lotion, you can use mineral oil or the Tiffalina's HCG Brand of Lotion.

    HCG Phase 3 Questions

    1. What is a summary of HCG maintenance?

      This part of the HCG Diet is 6 weeks long. The first 3 weeks, you should avoid eating any sugars and starches. During the 2nd 3 weeks, you slowly add sugars and starches back into your diet. Most people can easily go to 1500 calories a day. There are a few that are more comfortable with slightly less, but 1500 is a good rule of thumb. On maintenance it is still really important to weight yourself every day. If you are ever 2.1 pounds or more over your lock-in weight then do a steak day. If you are planning another round of HCG we recommend waiting at least six weeks before starting again.

    2. Is HCG Phase 3 required?

      Yes! You MUST do the maintenance phase. This is almost more important than phase 2. It is during this time that you are training your body to remember your new weight set point. If you do not get this new weight set point established (between 2 lbs above and 2 lbs below your lock-in weight), you may gain all the weight back.

    3. Can I exercise on HCG maintenance?

      Yes, you can start incorporating exercise if you want. Remember to start slow and monitor through morning weigh-ins to see how the exercise is affecting your weight. If your weight starts to fluctuate greater than 2.1 pounds or less than 2.1 pounds under your lock-in weight you would want to cut back on your exercise routine, until your weight is able to 'lock-in'.

    4. What is my ‘HCG lock-in weight’?

      Your lock-in weight is the scale weight from the morning of your last day taking the HCG drops. It is NOT the morning weight from your last HCG exit day (the 3 days where you follow the 500 calorie diet without taking the HCG).

    5. Can I lose more weight on HCG Diet Phase 3?

      Dr. Simeons recommends that you do not lose more than 2 pounds below your HCG lock-in weight point while on P3. The goal of maintenance is to lock-in your new weight, so that your body recognizes your lock-in weight as your new, normal weight making it easier for your body to maintain that weight in the future. Therefore, it is strongly not advised for you to lose weight on maintenance.

    HCG Medical Questions

    1. Should I go to my doctor before starting the HCG Diet?

      You should ALWAYS consult with your physician before starting any weight loss program, or life-style change (including the HCG diet). While we have had many, many participants do the HCG diet plan on their own with success, but you are advised to consult with your doctor as we cannot give medical advice or guidance.

    2. Is the HCG Diet safe for men and women?

      According to Dr. Simeons and our experience with thousands of participants, the HCG diet plan is both safe and effective for both men and women. Men typically report losing .75-1.5 lbs per day and women typically report losing .5 -1 lb per day when the diet is followed properly. HCG is the hormone that a woman produces during pregnancy. However, it is quite commonly used in both men and women in fertility treatments. So, guys, don’t worry. You’ll be fine AND you’ll be dropping pounds like crazy.

    3. Can I still use the DIY HCG diet drops if I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes?

      Since we are neither doctors nor physicians, we can’t give you any medical advice; however, we can tell you that we have had MANY clients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes that reported FANTASTIC results on the HCG Diet. You should work with your physician to monitor your progress during the protocol because some medications such as blood pressure and diabetes, in particular, may need to be adjusted, as you will be losing weight. We have had many participants report that while they started the HCG Diet with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes and usually on medications for those conditions, many were able to decrease their medication dosage or even discontinue taking their medications with the blessing of their physicians. We never advise anyone to start, change, or stop taking medications. That is your physician’s job and they do it best. Furthermore, we have received RAVE HCG Diet reviews from more than one physician when participants receive their post-HCG Diet blood work. One man’s doctor even made him a certificate for making such a positive advancement in his health because of the HCG Diet.

    4. Will I experience any changes in my menstrual cycle / menstruation / period while taking HCG?

      Every woman’s body is different. However, most women do find experience some changes on their menstrual cycle also known as menstruation. It is concerning to see so many other HCG sites out there that say that the HCG diet will not affect your HCG cycle at all. That must simply be lack of experience. We see changes of all types: starting earlier, starting later, having a cycle for the first time in a few years, having break through bleeding even when FAR into menopause. Be aware that it does commonly cause some kind of change to your menstrual cycle. Regarding whether or not to take the drops during your cycle, it is up to you. We have had customers report that some do and some don't and have not found any issue either way. What we recommend is that you not take the drops on your 'heavy days' as they tend to make those days "heavier".

    5. What about the HCG Diet during pregnancy?

      If you are pregnant or nursing, you should not start taking HCG for weight loss. You should wait until you are finished nursing to begin the DIY HCG Diet program. However, you may find the section entitled “Pregnancy and Obesity” in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript (free download on the homepage of DIYHCG.com) to be an interesting read regarding terms of weight loss during your pregnancy.

    6. Can I do the DIY HCG Diet while I am nursing?

      We highly recommend that you wait until you are done nursing to start the HCG Diet. You should consult with your doctor if you feel otherwise.

    7. Can I use birth control while following the protocol?

      Yes, Dr. Simeons says in the manuscript that the HCG Diet should not affect your birth control pills and your birth control pills do not affect your weight loss.

    8. What are the typical HCG Diet side effects?

      Most people on the HCG diet experience only positive side effects:

      • Quick weight loss from abnormal fat stores
      • Huge loss of inches and reshaping of the body
      • More energy
      • Better, more deep and relaxing sleep
      • Less aches and pains
      • A general feeling of well-being
      • A healthier appetite during and after the low calorie portion of the HCG Diet

      Very few people experience some less positive, minor side effects such as,

      • Leg cramping (can be alleviated by using the DIY HCG brand of HCG drops, which contains our special blend of cell salts).
      • A slight headache during the first week as you detox (you can take aspirin in a pill (non gel-cap) form to help).
      • **VERY RARE with Homeopathic HCG** Slight hair thinning that lasts for about 2 weeks and then fills back in. Again, this is quite rare with our drops, but quite common among participants using injections.
      • The Loser Manual Booklet, that comes free with your order cover side effects and fixes in more detail.
    9. My doctor says that this is a scam, won't work, is not safe, etc. and tells me that I just need to exercise more. Ugh. What do you say to that?

      We know that many doctors scoff at the HCG Diet when they first hear about it. This is mostly because 500 calories per day is generally considered unhealthy, which we agree — generally. If HCG is not in play, we consider 500 calories per day unhealthy. However, HCG changes everything by releasing fat (i.e. additional calories) into the blood stream for proper usage. For the record, we have not come across any doctors who have actually seen the HCG Diet work that did not approve. Again, it is more the philosophy of the diet that they have an issue. Just keep in mind that a medical doctor, Dr. ATW Simeons, created and studied the HCG diet for over 20 years. Between his experience and our HCG experience, we have no doubts whatsoever that this is the real deal. Furthermore, we have worked with thousands of cases that certainly dispel the “won’t work”, “is a scam”, “isn’t safe”, etc. conclusions. Just take a look at our Success Stories Page to see for yourself!

    10. How can I possibly survive on a 500 calorie per day HCG Diet?

      HCG allows you to tap into your abnormal fat resources and RELEASE into your bloodstream all of the fats, calories, proteins, etc that have been stored up. Therefore, your body is not getting the 500 calories eaten alone. Your body is getting the 500 calories you eat PLUS 1500-4000 calories (per Dr. Simeons) that the HCG releases from your abnormal fat stores. This is why you are generally not hungry, why your metabolism does NOT slow down, and why you are not ripping someone’s head off because you just need to EAT.

      It is normal to feel a slight hunger for the first few days of the diet as the HCG is getting established in your system. However, at about HCG day 4 or 5, you should be feeling quite well and generally satisfied. You will be in a routine and only eating because it is time to eat; not because you are starving.

    HCG Drops Storage Questions

    1. How do I store the DIY HCG drops?

      You should store your DY HCG Diet drops away from microwaves and direct sunlight. A dark, cool place is ideal until you are ready to begin the HCG Diet. Once you start the HCG protocol, the DIY HCG drops do not require refrigeration, but you do want to avoid extreme temperature changes once the bottle is open. Women may keep then in a purse, but the car would not be optimum if temperatures are extreme. If you are going to be storing open bottles of DIY HCG between rounds, you may want to store them in the refrigerator. However, refrigeration is not necessary if you are going to be using them within about 1 month of opening.

    2. Do the HCG Diet Drops have an expiration date?

      Our DIY HCG has an expiration Month/Year printed on each label of approximately 4 years from the date the HCG is bottled. Theoretically, before opening, if our homeopathic HCG is kept in a cool place away from EMF (electromagnetic fields) it will last indefinitely. However, once the bottle is opened, it will inevitably be contaminated with saliva, air, etc. At this point, it will last at least for a full 40-day round with an estimated opened-bottle shelf life of 6 months. The homeopathic HCG drops may be kept at room temperature during a round. But they will last longer if refrigerated. Therefore, if you have an open bottle that will not be used for a while, you may want to refrigerate it, for example, during a planned break or the break between rounds of HCG.

    3. Do these HCG drops need to be refrigerated?

      This HCG does not have to be refrigerated because it is made in the homeopathic method and mixed with alcohol as part of its liquid medium. The alcohol acts as a preservative and keeps the HCG active and effective. If you are not going to use an open bottle of HCG for a few days or several weeks, you should place the bottle in the refrigerator to hold potency over longer periods.

    HCG Vegetarian Questions

    1. Can vegetarians use the HCG Diet for weight loss?

      Yes! There have been many vegetarians that have done this diet successfully. The average HCG weight loss may, however, be considerably less than when following the regular HCG protocol. We do have some HCG Diet vegetarian options and a vegetarian food list that we can email you once you place your order with DIY HCG.

    2. What foods can vegetarians eat on HCG P2?

      Dr. Simeons addressed vegetarians on HCG Diet in his manuscript. There are some slight modifications you can us from the section ‘vegetarians’ in his manuscript (free download of the manuscript on homepage of diyhcg.com). Through working with quite a few vegetarians ourselves, we have some additional HCG Diet tips and options.

      We have also found that people are vegetarians to different degrees. The closer you can follow Dr. Simeons protocol, the better. For example, we recommend the food listed in the basic protocol first. If none of those proteins are acceptable, 1 egg and 3 egg whites or 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese are good choices for substitutes. If the eggs and cottage cheese choices are not enough variety to make it through the protocol, then we have some other protein substitute options (certain types of Morning Star products, some specific brands of protein shakes, etc) that have been used with some degree of success by other vegetarians.