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HCG Medical Questions

How can I possibly survive on a 500 calorie per day HCG Diet?

HCG allows you to tap into your abnormal fat resources and RELEASE into your bloodstream all of the fats, calories, proteins, etc that have been stored up. Therefore, your body is not getting the 500 calories eaten alone. Your body is getting the 500 calories you eat PLUS 1500-4000 calories (per Dr. Simeons) that the HCG releases from your abnormal fat stores. This is why you are generally not hungry, why your metabolism does NOT slow down, and why you are not ripping someone’s head off because you just need to EAT.

It is normal to feel a slight hunger for the first few days of the diet as the HCG is getting established in your system. However, at about HCG day 4 or 5, you should be feeling quite well and generally satisfied. You will be in a routine and only eating because it is time to eat; not because you are starving.