Ordering HCG Drops

Why would I buy my HCG drops from DIYHCG?

  • Our HCG drops are legally ordered from a U.S. company where the “laboratory is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities… All procedures follow strictly the guidelines set forth in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which is the official document governing homeopathic manufacturing in this country.”
  • We ship via USPS for all domestic orders from Missouri, USA. No longer will you have to wait 3-6 weeks for some weird type of HCG to come in from a foreign country! The typical time from placing an order to having it on your door step averages 3-5 business days!
  • The HCG drops are easy to travel with as they require no refrigeration, no need to carry around needles, no alcohol pads, etc.
  • Our HCG drops do not require you to do any mixing. Let’s face it, how many dieters are qualified to mix prescription HCG. Of course, you can do it, but please double check all your calculations and use utmost care in preparation, especially if you will be injecting the HCG.
  • We have multiple types of HCG formulas to fit your specific needs. Our type of HCG drops that include alcohol, acts as a preservative keeping the HCG active and effective for much longer than injection types.