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HCG Diet Gorge Day

What is the purpose of the HCG gorge days?

According to Dr. Simeons, it takes until about the third day of HCG before the abnormal fat starts to circulate. The gorge days are meant to fill up your fat stores to carry you over through your first few very low calorie days until the HCG has a chance to fully kick it.

If you did NOT gorge, then your body would truly be on only 500 calories for the first 1-3 days, which is dangerous and could lead to fainting or extreme weakness. By eating to capacity for the first 2 days of the HCG Diet, this really stocks up your normal fat reserves and then these carry you through those first couple days. If you do not gorge, you could be quite miserable for the first week of the HCG diet. It could make you feel nauseated, extremely weak, extremely hungry, and more. So, both Dr. Simeons' manuscript and we STRONGLY recommend that you do the HCG gorge days and gorge well to ensure your success.