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HCG Diet Basics

Is it true that people lose more weight when using HCG injections than when they use the HCG drops?

We, the owners of DIY HCG, have been working with the HCG Diet since 2007. At the beginning we supported the HCG injections and had customers who experienced great results of 20-30 lbs lost in about a month. In 2008, we heard about homeopathic HCG drops (commonly mistaken as HGC). We tried it out on ourselves, then some family members, and finally some customer volunteers. And lo and behold, everyone reported the same weight loss results, and many participants reported feeling less hungry and having more energy. We kept working with both types (prescription HCG injections and homeopathic HCG drops) for a while, but then completely switched over to the HCG Diet drops when we were confident the results were great AND we saw significantly less reports of hair loss.

Bottom line: NO we have not found it to be true (based on feedback from our customers) that those on HCG injections lose more weight than those using the HCG Diet drops. It just so happens that the HCG drops are much cheaper.