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HCG Diet Phase 2

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be hungry on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

During the first week of the diet some people experience negative symptoms, such as hunger, as your body may still be adjusting to the diet and the overall healthier foods. Just so you know the peak of these symptoms is usually around day 4 or 5 of the very low calorie diet. After the first week you should notice a significant difference in hunger. Here are a few some things that you can do to alleviate hunger while on HCG.

  • Drink Water: The first and easiest thing you can do it to drink more water.
  • Split Fruit and/or Grissini From Meals: You can also try splitting your fruits and/or grissini away from main diet 'meals' for example, one of your apples for breakfast and then having another fruit for an afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. Just make sure that when you split your fruit or grissini or Melba toast away from your meal that you do NOT eat it at your meal too.


Are the DIY HCG Diet Drops to be taken sublingually or do you inject them?

The DIY HCG drops are to be taken orally under your tongue and are NEVER supposed to be injected.


Does it matter what time you take the HCG Diet drops throughout the day?

As with any remedy or medication, the HCG Diet drop doses should be spread out evenly throughout the day to keep the HCG going through your system for best results on the HCG Diet. For example, 8 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm are good evenly spaced times to take them at. 7am , 4pm, and 7pm works fine too. Just keep it spread out.


How do you take the DIY HCG Diet drops?

When you order from DIY HCG, your bottle of HCG has a calibrated dropper inside and a calibrated oral syringe. Measure out .5 cc or .5 ml, then slowly squirt under your tongue. Let them sit there (as best you can) for about 2 minutes. Then, swallow whatever remains. Do not eat or drink anything besides water for 15 minutes before or after taking the HCG. You will receive further instructions in the “Loser’s Manual” you will receive with your order from


Will the very low calorie diet of the HCG Diet slow down my metabolism?

In most cases of restricting caloric intake, this would be probable. However, you must keep in mind that you are going to be taking HCG along with the very low calorie diet. Remember, what does the HCG do? According to Dr. Simeons manuscript, HCG allows you to tap into your abnormal fat resources and RELEASE all of those fats, calories, proteins, etc. that are stored there into your bloodstream. Therefore, your body is not only getting the 500 calories eaten, but is also getting 1500-4000 calories (per Dr. Simeons) that the HCG releases from your abnormal fat stores. This is why you are not hungry, why your metabolism does NOT slow down, and why you are not ripping someone’s head off because you just have to EAT.


Can I take vitamins while on the HCG protocol?

We do not recommend taking any vitamins while on the HCG diet plan. Dr. Simeons allowed vitamin C, D, and calcium ONLY when needed for medical reasons. These must be taken in non-oily, non- capsule, pill forms with no other ingredients listed and no nutrition facts.


Can I take homeopathic vitamins while on the HCG protocol?

Recently there has been discussion about homeopathic vitamins, so we did test it out on ourselves and with some willing HCG clients. Our conclusion: vitamins in homeopathic form, therefore no sugars, oils, etc., seemed to allow steady weight loss in customers who used it. Based on the huge demand, we now offer it homeopathic Vitamin B-12 and homeopathic Cell Salts. Check it out if you want to give it a try. We recommend homeopathic form ONLY! Otherwise, it may have extra nutritional value (carbs, sugars, chemicals, etc.), which can slow your weight loss.


What if I cheat during phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

If you cheat on the HCG diet, dust yourself off and get right back in there. Don’t gorge again or anything like that. You cheated and it may set your weight loss back up to 3 days. Now get your mind back in the right place, get right back on the 500 calorie diet, and move forward as if nothing ever happened. You should have an ultimate goal of completing 21 consecutive, non-cheating days on the HCG diet at some point (according to Dr. Simeons) to positively affect your long term metabolism reset and weight loss results.


Does the rapid weight loss decrease a bit after the first two weeks?

It is typical for people to lose about 7-12 lbs the first week and about 1 lb per day through the next week of the HCG diet. During weeks three and on, .5 – 1 lb per day is okay and normal for women. Men, should continue to lose at least .75 – 1.5 lb per day until the end of the round of the HCG diet.


I have been exercising, can I continue to exercise on the HCG Diet?

If you already exercise and have been doing so regularly for at least 2 months prior to starting the HCG diet, you can usually continue your exercise routine as long as it doesn’t include heavy weight lifting or extreme exhaustion. Just listen to how your body reacts AND watch the scale. If your weight loss is slowing or stopping all together, we suggest stopping all exercise except walking for the remained of the HCG diet.


I have not been exercising, can I start something new while on the HCG Diet?

If you want to start something new when starting the HCG diet, you can begin walking. A brisk walk each day is great for anyone. Don’t start walking 10 miles on the first day though, because it can stall you.