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HCG Diet Hygiene

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to change my hygiene products on HCG?

Yes! To prepare for the HCG diet take out all your cosmetics, lotions, soaps, etc. and make sure that none of them list oil, or any type of fat in their ingredients. If they do, you should NOT use them during the HCG diet. We recommend Tiffalina's Personal Care Products. Hygiene items need to be switched out in order to maximize weight loss.


What type of make-up can I use on HCG?

Powdered mineral foundation, eye-shadow, blush, mascara, lip liner, and eye liner are usually fine of HCG. Watch out for lip products and liquid foundations while on HCG! We strongly suggest that you do not use a liquid foundation, try something like Bare Essentials or other more natural make-up lines.


Can I use my lotion while on the HCG Diet?

NO! We have yet to find a lotion that allows the best weight loss on the HCG diet. Basically, while on the HCG diet you are not allowed to eat any fat. But, whenever you put anything with oils or fats on your skin, it gets absorbed through your skin and processed in your body just as if you have eaten it. Anything with fats, oils, etc. in it like lotions, creams, soaps, deodorants, hand soap, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. can stall or slow your HCG weight loss. In some cases, you may actually GAIN weight while you are taking the HCG and using these types of products! For this short time -- just say no! If you need to use lotion, you can use mineral oil or Tiffalina's brand HCG Lotion.