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HCG Phase 2 Foods

Frequently Asked Questions


What foods are allowed on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

Basically there is a very specific list of allowed proteins, vegetables, fruits, and “carbs” that you are allowed in VERY limited quantities throughout the day. There is, however, NO pre-packaged food that you must buy, no expensive diet snacks, and no meal membership programs. In fact, most people save a significant amount of money when they do the HCG diet because of the small amount of natural foods they are eating. Get the food list here.


What sweeteners are allowed on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

There are two types of sweeteners allowed on the HCG Diet: stevia and saccharin. Saccharin has been getting a bad rep for years as an artificial product that potentially causes different health problems and other issues. Saccharin is allowed, but not necessarily recommended. On the other hand, stevia is an all-natural sweetener from South America. It’s toxin free! Yay! We all like that. We chose to sell stevia, not saccharin, to our valued customers for use on phase 2 of the HCG diet. After all, we care about your overall health, and you must too; otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this site today. Note: There are many stevia products coming to market – most have added invalid ingredients, so you must be very careful when selecting a stevia product. The product should not have ANY form of sugar added such as maltodextrin. Use caution in selecting stevia products, we recommend this stevia product.


Can I use frozen or canned fruits and vegetables on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet?

Flash-frozen fruits and vegetables are fine, but fresh is best. We do not recommend using canned fruits of vegetables on the HCG diet because the have lower nutrients and can have preservatives. If you're in a pinch remember that frozen items are highly preferable over canned items during HCG phase 2.


Can I have gum, mints, lozenges, cough syrup, tic tacs, etc on the HCG Diet?

NO. The only things allowed in your mouth are the foods on the HCG Phase 2 Food List. No gums, mints, lozenges, cough syrups, tic tacs, or anything else that you can chew on, suck on, or drink. These products all contain chemicals or other ingredients that are simply not allowed on the HCG VLCD phase.


I am so full. Is it okay to skip meals on the HCG Diet?

We do not recommend skipping meals, but if you are so full that you cannot get the food down, here is the order in which we recommend you ‘drop’ portions of your HCG diet “meals”. First, drop your “carb”. Those are not necessary at all and are purely a psychological treat. Next, drop your fruits. Then, drop your veggies. We NEVER recommend skipping your protein servings! You need that protein and if you do not eat it, you may slow, stall, or gain. It appears to be a very necessary part of the HCG diet. Again, don’t skip your proteins.


What is the vegetable serving size on Phase 2?

There is no set serving size for vegetables on phase 2. After working with thousands of participants both in consulting offices and online, we have found these simple guidelines to help people along for vegetables:

  • Allowable vegetables should be eaten with your protein at your two meal times-- NO GRAZING on vegetables throughout the day.
  • Vegetable serving size is not specifically restricted. In general, participants can eat vegetables with their protein until feeling full. However, tomatoes and onions are higher in carbs than the other selections, so you may want to limit these selections to 1 large or 2 small if you feel your weight loss is slowing down.


Can I drink alcohol on Phase 2 the HCG Diet?

No. The only liquids allowed are coffee, tea, and water.


Are miracle noddles allowed on HCG P2?

Miracle noodles are a new type of food that was not in existence when Dr. Simeons wrote his HCG manuscript. They are considered an insoluble fiber that your body cannot digest. The evidence is not yet conclusive as to whether or not they affect weight loss in a positive or negative way on the diet. As with other things that are not proven with the protocol this is an item that you should make a note of on your journal or HCG Tracker should you choose to try them to find out if it affects your rate of loss.


Can I eat the same meats frequently while on HCG P2?

A dieter should vary their protein selections to get a variety of vitamins and nutrients while on phase 2. In addition, ground beef in particular, should only be eaten 2-3 times a week since American beef is fattier than the beef to which Dr. Simeons referred and ground beef generally contains more fat than the other cuts of beef. Try this Chicken and Apples with Rosemary recipe for something different!


How do you distinguish between vegetables or spices in seasonings?

This question applies to seasonings that have ingredients such as onion salt, onion powder, dehydrated onion, and fresh whole onion. We contend that an item may be classified as a spice or a vegetable depending upon which form it takes. We base the distinction on this determining factor, 'Does it dissolve when added to liquid?' If yes, it counts as a spice. If no, it counts as a vegetable. Remember that you can only have one type of vegetable per HCG meal. Therefore if you are using a product with 'dehydrated onion' you will need to have more onion as your vegetable.


How many ounces are in 100 grams?

100 grams is equal to 3.527 ounces. This is very important to keep in mind when measuring your meat servings for your HCG meals. If you do not measure your meats correctly you could experience slow weight loss or stalled weight loss.


Is the BBQ Sauce allowed on P2 of the HCG Diet?

The 'Simple Girl' brand of BBQ sauce is allowed on phase 2 of the HCG diet. There are 5 calories and 1 carb in a 2 tablespoon serving of our HCG safe BBQ sauce, so some participants question if it's allowed. But, in ‘The Diet’ section of Dr. Simeons’ HCG manuscript stipulates that cider vinegar, pure spices and stevia are allowed on the protocol, which are the ingredients used in making this tasty BBQ Sauce. Since the calories and carb come from these safe items, the BBQ sauce is most assuredly protocol compliant.


Why do the grissini sticks have oil as an ingredient? Are they allowed on HCG P2?

We know that extra virgin oil is the third ingredient in our grissini sticks, but this ingredient only equals a miniscule amount of oil and calories in the breadsticks. These grissini breadstick ARE allowed, you get one breadstick per meal and there are only about 10 calories in each. The majority of the calories in the grissini sticks come from the flour, not the oil. Our brand of grissini sticks are imported from Italy, so they are the exact breadsticks that Dr. Simeons called for in his HCG manuscript.


What is a meat serving size for the HCG Diet?

According to Dr. Simeons, the allowed size of meat is 100 grams. The allowed types of meats are veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. According to Dr. Simeons, the meats need to be prepared by having all visible fat carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat.