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Vegetarian Information

What foods can vegetarians eat on HCG P2?

Dr. Simeons addressed vegetarians on HCG Diet in his manuscript. You can use some slight modifications from the section ‘vegetarians’ in his manuscript. We have some additional HCG Diet tips and options through working with quite a few vegetarians feel free to contact us with questions.

We have also found that people are vegetarians to different degrees. The closer you can follow Dr. Simeons protocol, the better. For example, we recommend the food listed in the basic protocol first. If none of those proteins are acceptable, 1 egg and 3 egg whites or 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese are good substitutes. Suppose the eggs and cottage cheese choices are not enough variety to make it through the protocol. In that case, we have some other protein substitute options (certain types of Morning Star products, some specific brands of protein shakes, etc.) that other vegetarians have used with some degree of success.