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HCG Diet Basics

Won’t I still lose the same amount of weight just eating a very low calorie diet without spending the money on the HCG Drops?

Most people will lose weight by simply decreasing their caloric intake and increasing their amount of activity. However, that simply does not work for some people. AND, for the people for which it does work, the weight lost is not usually the fat that they really want gone: belly, upper arms, butt, neck fat, etc. If you try to just eat the 500 calories, good luck. Let me know in about…um…a day or two how you are doing on the diet. Actually, just tell me how many hours you were on it before you gave up due to extreme fatigue, hunger, and general “horrible” feeling. If you are a trooper and do stay on it for about a week, you will most probably lose weight. The weight will be in your face, your chest (ladies), the cute part of your butt (ladies), and in muscle (guys and ladies). You will also be exhausted and weak and FEEL like you are on a 500 calorie diet. Then, after you have lost a few pounds, your body will most likely go into ‘starvation mode’ and start holding on to everything that you put into your mouth until you give up. But watch out because you will start to gain weight quickly while your body ‘recovers’ what it lost plus a little more for safekeeping. Sound familiar? So, that is a not-so-fun weight loss technique. On the other hand, with the HCG in your system, you will have the HCG pumping through you and releasing fat, calories, protein from your usually inaccessible fat reserves making you feel full already + you are eating your 500 calories allowed per day. You will find that you are feeling great, having energy, losing from where you want to lose, and totally reshaping your body. Then, when you come off the HCG and 500 calorie diet, do the HCG Diet Maintenance Phase for 6 weeks. And, guess what! Most people have a much better chance of maintaining their HCG weight loss. It’s amazing! We know.