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Three Power Foods

When you start cooking and paying attention to your diet for health, eating correctly can be quite confusing. What to eat, when to eat it,… Read More

In-between meals for maintenance

Maintaining weight loss can seem like an impossible mission sometimes, especially when you feel ravenous one hour after consuming a meal and you can’t stop… Read More

Ways to Increase Health

Modern women are aware of health issues and concerned about their wellbeing, but often don’t have room in their busy lives for dedicated exercise time… Read More

Daily Water Calculator

As listed in the tips for success on the HCG Diet, a critical component of the protocol is drinking lots of good old water!… Read More

Vitamins for Healthy Skin

Most vitamins are not taken during the HCG Diet low-calorie phase. The only vitamins Dr. Simeons allowed were Vitamins C, D and Calcium. However,… Read More