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Three Power Foods

3 Power Foods for Your Daily DietWhen you start cooking and paying attention to your diet for health, eating correctly can be quite confusing. What to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat all become important questions that must be answered. Some foods are amazing for you but can't be eaten more than a few times a week, and others are so astoundingly bad for you that you should rarely eat them. However, there are some foods that are extremely healthy that you might be overlooking. Here's a list of three nutrition-filled foods that you should be eating more often than you already do.

Note - if you're on the low-calorie phase of the HCG Diet, two of these foods, kiwi and carrots are not allowed until you reach maintenance. However, green tea is allowed even on the low-calorie phase, Phase 2.




Kiwis are a soft, fuzzy fruits that look plain on the outside but are a vibrant green on the inside. While you may know that these fruits are bursting with flavor, you might not know how nutritious kiwis are. In one kiwi, you'll get a bigger serving of vitamin C than you'll get from a full-sized navel orange. Vitamin C is a strong stimulant of immunity to common illnesses, iron absorption (which helps your body's processing of food even more), and cell production and maintenance.

Not only are they a harbor for vitamin C, kiwis are also major antioxidant stores. Lutein is an antioxidant that helps protect against sight degradation with old age. Kiwis also deliver a fairly large serving of both potassium and dietary fiber, two important aspects of a healthy diet.




You may have heard the myths that carrots improve eyesight. Surprisingly, those myths are mostly true. Carrots contain beta-carotene, a compound that helps retain vision through old age and lowers the chance of cataracts. Beta-carotene also helps cells repair damage and stave off cell aging. Recent studies have suggested that a decent serving of carrots can also lower your chance of heart disease and some types of cancer, including lung, breast, and colon cancer.


Green Tea


There are many reasons green tea is the most popular tea in the world, but the health-related benefits of green tea cannot be overlooked. All green teas contain polyphenol compounds, which induce some weight loss due to your body burning heat to process them. Antioxidants in green tea have also been implicated in reducing your risks of heart disease and esophageal cancer.


These three foods are just a small sample of foods and drinks you might be overlooking when it comes to a healthy diet. Not only are they extremely healthy for you on a day-to-day basis, they are also fantastic for promoting your long-term health.