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Tips for Success on the HCG Diet

Are you thinking about starting the HCG Weight Loss Protocol? Below is a list of tips for success on the HCG Diet. You've probably done your research and know that the smallest mistakes can make or break your weight loss success. The HCG Diet Protocol is a great tool to help you get to your healthy, ideal weight, but it can be difficult at times. To help reach your weight loss goal, we have comprised a list of recommendations that are extremely helpful as you embark on your weight loss journey and the HCG Diet.


  1. Read Dr. Simeons manuscript. -- Have questions before starting the HCG Diet Protocol? Read Simeons Manuscript. It’s available on our website FREE of charge!
  2. Choose your start date. -- Take a look at your calendar and mark your start and end dates. To achieve success, you need to have a plan.
  3. Don’t skip the gorge days. -- According to Dr. Simeons, it takes until about the third day of taking HCG before the abnormal fat starts to circulate. Therefore, your normal fat reserves (those which fill up normally when one eats fat), must be well stocked. If you did NOT gorge, your body will truly be living on only 500 calories for the first 1-3 days of the diet, which is dangerous, and could lead to fainting or extreme weakness. By eating to capacity for the first 2 days while on HCG, your normal fat reserves become well stocked and capable of carrying you through those first couple of 500-calorie-diet-days until, according to Dr. Simeons, the HCG has allowed your body to tap into its abnormal fat reserves to successfully feed and ‘fuel’ your body.
  4. Take before and after pictures. -- Before you start the diet, take pictures of your front, side and back profiles. This is a great way to see how much weight you are losing during and after your diet round has ended.
  5. Keep a log. -- Our advice is to track everything. This includes not only what you eat and drink but also anything that you put on your skin. Did you have to go to the doctor and use an antibacterial cream while on the diet? Make sure you log it to see if and how it affects you.
  6. Examine your food. -- Before cooking your protein, make sure it has as little visible fat as possible.
  7. Vary your foods. -- While we know that the food list on the HCG Diet Protocol is short, you should vary your food choices. Mix up your proteins, fruits, and vegetables to ward off boredom and, more importantly, to get a nutritional balance.
  8. Drink plenty of water. -- Try to get a minimum of 64 oz. of water a day. This will help to make you feel fuller and, don’t forget, you can have tea and plain black coffee flavored with stevia as well.
  9. Control cravings. -- If you are craving foods while on the diet, try drinking more water, space out your fruit from your meals, make a smoothie with your strawberries or an iced coffee with stevia.

These simple tips for success on the HCG Diet can really help you achieve your weight loss goals. Best of luck on your journey!