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I've lost 50 lbs. with HCG and I am no longer a diabetic, thanks to lifestyle changes after the protocol has ended. Khadijah S.'s HCG Diet Review
HCG has given me my life back! Not only have I lost over 25 lbs. but my triglycerides level went from 312 to 91 in 12 days of dieting. My doctor was more than impressed. The benefits both physically and emotionally have been remarkable. Nancy B.'s HCG Diet Review
I have lost 80 lbs. my daughter has lost 101 lbs. We have been on almost every diet there is this one works!! Mary M.'s HCG Diet Review
The HCG plan is really a life changer. When I first heard about the diet I thought that it was crazy. I could not believe that people would torture themselves this way. I had tried the other diets out there and was dreading this one. I decided to start the diet with my mom and within the first week had started losing inches. The fact that you maintain a healthy eating habit is good though. It really balances what your body needs. Towards the end of the diet I was at that point that I wanted to eat the leftovers off my 3-year-old son's plate because I so desperately wanted some yummy food, but I didn’t and I am happy that I didn’t. I am a vegetarian and did the diet eating fish only since I do not eat meat. It was very hard, but was well worth it. Overall, I lost 32 lbs. Most diets you would gain the weight back within a month, but with this diet it resets your metabolism and helps you to think cautiously about what you eat. I have been off the diet for almost 5 months and have only gained 4 lbs back. I am getting ready to start another cycle and hope to be at the weight that I was before I had my son when I am done. Cassandra L.'s HCG Diet Review