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Louie's Video Review and Success Story

Louie lost 24 lbs in 23 days with the DIY HCG Diet Program. He did it because he saw results occurring in his friends who were doing the HCG Diet, so he decided to give it a try. Since he has lost weight, he has now decided to start lifting weights and revamping his fitness routine. As he says, "It's easier to do a push-up at 200 lbs than 225 lbs". Watch him describe his experience with the DIY HCG Diet Drops and the HCG Diet Plan! We hope you enjoy this HCG Diet Review and Success Story!


Success Story of Louie (San Diego, CA)

  • Lost 24 pounds in 1 23-day round
  • Fits into clothes better after doing 1 round of the HCG Diet
  • Has to add holes to his belt because he experienced such fast weight loss
  • He wanted to lose weight because he used to be thinner and a semi-body builder when he was younger. Louie wanted to get closer back to those ‘days’.
  • He ordered through the DIY HCG website because he saw several people around him getting results.
  • Louie said that he may be doing another round after the summer is over because he wants to get down to his 20-year-old weight.
  • Louie says it is easier to get out of bed and he feels more comfortable in his own body now that he is thinner.
  • Louie likes ‘some’ vegetables because of the HCG Diet.
  • Louie’s advice for you: Do research on the HCG Diet and ask around. You might know someone who has already lost weight.
  • When he saw the fantastic success stories from other people who did the HCG Diet he knew that it was the real deal. Successful weight loss is the bottom line when looking for a weight loss system.

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