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Katie's Video HCG Diet Review and Success Story

Katie's Weight Loss Success Story:

Katie lost weight and reshaped with the homeopathic HCG Diet Drops from DIY HCG. With the HCG Diet, she lost inches on her waist so that she no longer "needs to unbutton" after eating to remove the discomfort. She is also happy that now she likes to eat some vegetables for the first time in her life because of the HCG Diet. Katie says that feels awesome thanks to the HCG Diet and the fast weight loss the HCG Diet provides! Check out this HCG success story now!

  • Katie lost 13 pounds in 23 days on the HCG Diet.
  • She was excited to lose weight because it made her able to fit into clothing better.
  • Katie laughs about the fact that before she lost weight with the HCG Diet she was having to unbutton clothing after she ate.

Motivation for doing the HCG Diet

  • Someone said she looked pregnant in a photograph and that comment fueled her to lose weight.
  •  She wanted to fit into her current wardrobe better, not wanting to be forced to spend money buying bigger clothing.
  • Katie explains that the DIY HCG website was easy to navigate and she liked that HCG Diet products could be purchased in kits.
  • She read Dr. Simeons Manuscript from the website. She said it was easy to download was glad to be able to fully understand the HCG Diet before she started it.

After the HCG Diet

  • Since Katie has lost weight, she says she has ‘room to eat’ in her pants.
  • People at work have noticed she lost weight.
  • She never ate healthy foods before the diet, but on the HCG Diet she learned of several fruits and vegetables that she will continue to eat.
  • She also says that the HCG Diet taught her a lot about normal serving sizes.
  • She found healthy snacks that she continues to eat instead of eating junk food or candy.

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