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Video Review San Diego Group

Here is a group of six HCG dieters that have completed the DIY HCG program visiting and chatting about their experience with the diet. They discuss positive changes in life, health, and confidence that happened during and after their weight loss... They also talk about newly acquired healthy appetites, better blood work, and less medication because of the HCG Diet! Watch them discuss how the DIY HCG Diet has changed their life and how they have MAINTAINED their weight loss for over 2 years (and counting). Enjoy!

HCG Diet Success Stories of San Diego Group Part 1

HCG Diet Success Stories of San Diego Group Part 2

Meet the San Diego Group

Learn a little more about the people in the above videos... Here's a little bit of information about all six of them, including how much weight each of them has lost on the HCG Diet! We unfortunately don't have before and after photos for everyone, they must be camera shy... but we do have their stats.

This is Bonnie, she lost 17 pounds in 21 days with the DIY HCG diet... good job girl!

Bonnie G. (wearing the purple top)

  • She lost 17 pounds in only 21 days.
  • She went from a size 12 pant size to a size 6.
  • Bonnie is now able to fit in her clothes better, saying that she's saving money by not having to go buy a new, bigger wardrobe.

David B. (wearing the plain, black t-shirt)

  • David lost 31 pounds in 23 days.
  • He started at a 37.5-inch waist line and ended with a 32-inch waist!
  • Kent states that he doesn't have to be embarrassed anymore around other people.

Robin B. (wearing the green top)

  • Her start weight was 153 lbs, her final weight was 130 lbs.
  • Robin lost a total of 23 pounds.
  • Before the HCG Diet, her pants were size 12, now she's in a size 6 and couldn't be happier.

This is Kent, he lost 40 pounds in 1 round of the DIY HCG diet! Awesome job! Kent G. (wearing the gray t-shirt)

  • Kent lost a total of 40 pounds in only 23 days.
  • His start weight was 245 lbs and final weight is 205 lbs.
  • By the end of the HCG Diet, you could start to see some definition in Kent's abs.
  • Kent had already tried other weight loss methods before, without losing hardly any weight. It wasn't until he heard about the HCG Diet plan from a co-worker and tried it himself that he was really able to lose the weight!

Louie T. (wearing the black superman t-shirt)

  • He lost 24 pounds in only 23 days.
  • Louie's start weight was 224 lbs final weight is 200 lbs!
  • When Louie was younger, he was thinner and was a semi-body builder. He wanted to lose weight and get back to the 'good ole days'.

Katie (wearing the floral, pink top)

  • She lost a total of 13 pounds in 23 days and was finally able to reach her goal weight.
  • The reason Katie decided to do the HCG Diet was because someone noticed that she looked pregnant in a photo, when she wasn't.

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