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Healthy Substitutes for 5 Unhealthy Favorite Foods 

Most people have some understanding of the types of food that are beneficial to their health, and those that are not. Even though people know certain foods are unhealthy, they still eat them occasionally. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself now and then. Problems only arise when you eat too many of the wrong things. If you have developed some bad dietary habits, this list of some of the unhealthiest foods and their more nutritious, healthy substitutes may help you to improve your diet and still enjoy what you eat.


Ice Cream

Some nutritionists will tell clients to avoid consuming too much saturated fat. Others will tell you to avoid sugar. Both are correct. If you want to improve your health, you should stay away from food that contains an excess of sugar or saturated fat. Ice cream is high in both saturated fat and sugar. Eating ice cream regularly can lead to obesity and obesity-related health conditions such as type two diabetes.


A good alternative to ice cream is low-sugar, low-fat yogurt. You will be surprised at how creamy some low-fat, low-sugar yogurt products actually are. To make your yogurt more delicious and nutritious, add a handful of your favorite berries.



Just like ice cream, doughnuts are made of little else but saturated fat and sugar. A simple glazed doughnut contains 200 calories. If you add cream to your doughnut, you can expect it to have around 300 calories. Many people find it impossible to eat just one doughnut because they are delicious and are usually purchased by the box.


Wholegrain toast with a sprinkling of cinnamon and the tiniest bit of sugar can make a good alternative to a doughnut. It will give you the energy you need to get you through the day, too. If toast doesn't feel like enough of a treat, you might try making your own low sugar, whole grain muffins.


French Fries

Like most fried food, French fries are not good for you. Because potatoes are inexpensive, French fries tend to be offered as a side dish in every restaurant even though they are packed with salt, saturated fat and carbohydrates. Giving in to the temptation to make or order French fries with every meal will harm your health.


If you want to try something healthier but just as yummy, you can make baked fries with almost any vegetable you can think of. Popular choices include zucchini and sweet potato. You could also use carrots, green beans or even parsnips. The internet has many recipes for vegetable fries that are baked in the oven. Simply take a look to see which one might taste the most appetizing to you.


Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is another food that's massively high in fat. It should be saved for a rare treat. Because it tastes delightful, a lot of people choose fried chicken too often when it comes to deciding on dinner. There are fried chicken restaurants everywhere in the developed world. What's more, most people have more than one piece of chicken. That's because the salty, spicy taste of the coating is very addictive.


Would you like a tasty alternative to fried chicken? Grilled, skinless chicken breast is absolutely delicious if you season it nicely. There's nothing to stop you from adding as many delicious spices to your grilled chicken as you desire. Garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, paprika, cayenne pepper, freshly ground black pepper and dried basil all go well with grilled chicken.


Processed Meat Products

Are you a fan of processed meat products such as bacon, hot dogs or salami? Processed meat products are a popular lunch choice in the western world. Processed meat is bad for you. It has salt and other preservative chemicals added to it. Research indicates that ingesting too many of these chemicals can put you at a higher risk for certain types of cancer.


Tuna, salmon and roast chicken are great alternatives to processed meat. They are all good choices when it comes to deciding what to have for your lunch. They taste great in a salad or as part of a whole grain sandwich. They are all far better for your overall health than processed meat such as bacon or salami. They contain just as much protein but less salt and fat.


There Is Always a Healthier Choice

This article has mentioned just five unhealthy foods. There is a long list of products that will definitely make you sick if you consume them too often. For every harmful food product that you can think of, there is a tasty and nutritious healthy substitute. With a little determination, you can transform your diet and your life without having to eat bland, tasteless food.