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3 Reasons Why Eating Avocados Is Fantastic for Your Skin

Avocados are NOT allowed on the low-calorie phase of the HCG Diet (Phase 2) but for maintenance (Phase 3) and beyond (Rest of Your Life), huge benefits from eating them can be yours!

Avocados have been lauded for many years now, thanks to their wealth of health benefits. They are versatile for meal and snack options and are fast becoming a staple for many. Furthermore, this unassuming fruit can also provide a fully comprehensive skin care treatment and take years off your age. In this article, we will be looking at the science behind this process and how eating avocados on a regular basis can strengthen your skin and help you maintain a youthful glow.


A Natural Moisturizer and Skin Protection

Avocados are a natural moisturizer as they contain an abundance of healthy fats and a high level of the fat-soluble vitamin E, which together help to moisturize your skin from the inside as well as help to repair any damaged skin. The antioxidants found in avocados also protect your skin against free radicals from internal and external pollutants, as well as oxidative stress caused by cell detoxification. Of course, applying a skin cream is also part of a healthy skin-care regimen, but the addition of avocados to your diet will significantly improve the quality of your skin and help delay the signs of ageing.


A Good Source of Vitamin C

Skin requires a continuous source of protein in the form of collagen to maintain good health and "plumpness" of the skin. As we age, our natural sources of collagen tend to deplete, and our skin cells begin to lose their elasticity. Unchecked, this leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Vitamin C is an essential building block required by the body to produce collagen, and, of course, the humble avocado has a high level of this vitamin. So, including avocados in the diet will help provide the body with the necessary fuel to keep producing this essential collagen and help the skin maintain its youthful glow.


High in Anti-inflammatory Properties

One of the main causes of ageing skin and bad skin health in general is inflammation. This can be caused by conditions such as psoriasis and eczema or an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Inflammation damages the structure of the skin cells, and the skin loses its vital components, including collagen and other essential acids that normally keep the cell healthy. Avocados can combat this as a rich source of omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acid, which suppress the formation of inflammation, helping to maintain skin health.


Looking and feeling your best helps promote confidence and a sense of well-being, so with the wealth of benefits that avocados bring, they truly are an essential go-to food. The health benefits of avocados actually go way beyond this list, so it's not surprising that they are one of the most popular foods worldwide. The best part is that they taste great, and all you need to enjoy these health benefits are 1 - 2 small avocados per week, or more if you just can't get enough.