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Making a List of Groceries for the HCG Diet

Are you making a list of groceries for the HCG Diet? Look no further, we have put together a basic list of food items that are allowed on the HCG Diet Protocol. We have also included an approved menu for a day while on the low-calorie phase of the diet. Here is a list of the allowed proteins, fruits, vegetables, starches, and beverages.


  • Protein: beef, chicken, fish/seafood (cod, tilapia, orange roughy, scallops, crab, tuna packed in water, etc.)
  • Fruits: apples, oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, lemons
  • Vegetables: lettuce (all types), spinach, celery, asparagus, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, fennel, beet greens, chicory, chard, red radishes, cabbage
  • Starches: grissini breadsticks (garlic, plain, multigrain), melba toasts (original), gluten-free options such as gluten free seed crackers (Mary’s Gone Crackers)
  • Beverages: water, coffee (black), tea (black, green, or orange pekoe)
  • Sweeteners: Stevia with no un-allowed fillers or sugar alcohols, monk fruit with no un-allowed fillers or sugar alcohols
  • Pure spices


The above list does not include all the protein choices, so if you are unsure about a certain protein, please reach out to us via chat, web site or phone. We can send you a full list of allowable foods including spices and sweeteners for the HCG Diet Protocol. Now that you have a grocery list, you can start to put together your HCG diet safe menu. Please see the example below:


  • Breakfast: Tea or coffee (You are allowed 1 Tbsp. of milk per day, so try adding it to your morning coffee.)
  • Lunch: 100g of chicken, 1 grilled onion, 1 apple, 2 melba toast rounds, lemonade (Use the juice of 1 lemon. Add it to water and sweeten with Clear or Lemon Stevia or Sweet ‘n’ Low Sweetener.)
  • Dinner: 100g of beef, asparagus, handful of Strawberries, and a garlic grissini breadstick


Now that you have an idea of what an HCG menu looks like, you can plan out your meal options. Remember to mix it up and try different proteins, fruits, and vegetables. To give your food a kick of flavor, try adding allowed pure spices or the HCG approved Simple Girl salad dressings/marinades, BBQ sauces, and seasoning blends. They are protocol-friendly and taste delicious. You can also visit our website at for more menu options and HCG Diet recipes. As always, best wishes, stay healthy, and good luck on your diet journey!