No Prescription or Medical Evaluation Required to Purchase HCG Diet Drops
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Does the HCG Diet Work?

As much as the FDA, the media, and many traditional medicinal outlets tell you the opposite, the HCG Diet DOES work if it is done correctly. Not only does it work, it works quickly and with great, consistent results. Most people lose 20-30 lbs in about a month and then keep it off. Plus, people lose tons of inches and most have to take less medication after doing this successful diet program.


This may sound too good to be true and with diet supplements like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, and Liposene being sold and making claims of being the best weight loss program (but rarely achieving the results that they advertise – they even say this on their commercials), it is hard to believe.


What makes the HCG Diet different from most supplement weight loss diets is the fact that it is made from something already inside the body and it requires you to eat wholesome, natural foods that act like a detox for your body. The most important thing (to most people at least) is that it REALLY works!


The below results have not been photoshopped, touched up, or altered in any way. These are real people getting real results.



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If you want to see more information about how well the HCG Diet works, read the following positive effects of the HCG Diet.


Weight Loss... duh!
The average weight loss for 1 round of the HCG diet is 0.5-1 pound per day for women and 0.75-1.5 pounds per day for men.


Less Medication

Many dieters report needing to take lower doses or completely quitting taking certain types of medications (such as blood pressure and cholesterol) because of losing the weight. Always check with your physician before stopping or changing any of your medications, we are not offering any medical advice.


Ease with Diabetes 

A lot of diabetics have told us they had an easier time maintaining their blood sugar while on the HCG Diet.


Less Body Aches and Pain

Such as back pair or knee pain from being overweight and putting extra stress on your joints.


More Focus and Energy

The HCG drops do not contain any stimulant ingredients, so you won't have the 'crash'.


Clearer Skin

Acne and skin blemishes usually clear up while on Phase 2.


Craving Healthier Foods 

You'll soon be craving almonds, cheese, and eggs instead of packaged snacks, chips, or candy bars because phase 3 of the HCG diet resets your metabolism.


Deeper Sleep 

Most dieters say they can sleep through the night without waking and wake up more well rested while on the HCG Diet, than they do normally. And... it's a deeper kind of sleep.


Feel free to watch these simple, short, testimonial videos. It will give you the gist so you can decide for yourself if you are ready to start this life changing weight loss program.