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Is Wine Good For You?

You’ve had a stressful day. After finishing chores around the house, getting the kids to bed, or putting those finishing touches on your report for work tomorrow, you FINALLY get a chance to sit down and relax. You pour yourself a glass of wine and close your eyes as that smooth, robust taste hits your tongue. It seems as though all your muscles relax simultaneously...if only you didn’t feel guilty about having a little alcohol just to unwind.


I’m here to tell you, you should not feel guilty over one glass of wine. Now, let’s first clarify the guidelines to “healthy” wine drinking:


  • Always drink in moderation. Suggested: men — no more than 2 glasses a day, women — 1 glass a day. (Sorry ladies, I know it’s so unfair!)
  • Red wines are the ones you want to aim for when it comes to the benefits of drinking wine.


Now, let’s quickly touch on WHY red wine can be good for you. Red wines are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which are found in our water and food. Free radicals can damage the cells in our bodies by affecting the DNA of the cell. Voila! Exit diseases, stage left.


So, what are the benefits of drinking red wine? Wine can help you by:


  • raising the amount of melatonin in your system which may help you to get a better night’s sleep
  • increasing longevity
  • promoting healthy glowing skin
  • introducing anti-inflammatory agents
  • lowering cholesterol
  • preventing diseases (YAY! Go antioxidants!)
  • promoting brain and heart health
  • improving lung function
  • preventing nasal blockage associated with the common cold


Other fun facts about wine:


  • Fermented foods are associated with better digestion.
  • Research has shown moderate drinkers have a 30% less chance of getting Type 2 diabetes.
  • Research also has shown wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than spirit/beer drinkers.


Ladies and gentlemen, the proof is in the wine! Now, go pour yourself a glass and never feel guilty for it again.