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HCG Success Stories: Emma’s HCG Before and After Story

Posted by DIY HCG on

View Emma's incredible HCG Weight Loss Story HERE!

Looking for some inspiration or motivation? Look no further, here is the weight loss success story and testimonial of Emma (one of our amazing DIY HCG customers).

Emma's beginning weight was 229 pounds and after only one round of the DIY HCG Diet she had a ending weight of 204 pounds, meaning she had a 25 pound weight loss in about a month! 

Here's a letter from Emma herself explaining her experience on the HCG Diet:

"My journey with HCG began on June 13th. I have wrestled with weight loss my entire life. The over-weight certainly contributed to my diagnosis of diabetes 20 years ago. Since then it has been a never ending string of diet attempts. To no avail. Until now. On June 13th I weighed 229. Today, with my "friend" HCG from DIY, I am a proud grandmother of eight who weighs 204 pounds!!!!!

I have been able to reduce all of my medications for diabetes and hypertension to about half of what I took prior to losing the 25 pounds. I have more energy now at 25 pounds less of me to play with my grandchildren (even though I was a little short on energy during Phase 2 I am back to better than ever now).

I have friends who are now anxious to help themselves with the DIYHCG drops as well. I'm so very happy with the entire process. I have been in Phase 3 now for a week. I am now re-introducing some proteins and fruits and vegetables that I was missing a (just a little!). And, my weight is staying right where phase two ended!!! It's like a miracle to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to round two starting in two short weeks."

Amazing, right? Read more about the DIY HCG Diet Drops click here

Or to see even more HCG Before and After Photos click here

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