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Effects of Having a Bad Attitude

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Bad Attitude and StressedEvery morning when you wake up, you immediately want to go back to sleep. Your mind turns to the negative facets of the day: that dreaded meeting at work, the dentist appointment you've been avoiding, that stack of bills you need to pay. When you go to sleep, you reflect somberly on all those negative things that happened in your day: the dinner that didn't turn out like you planned, the missed opportunity to see a friend, the car maintenance that you need to have done but don't want to pay for.

While life is certainly full of frustrations occasionally -- or even every day -- these frustrations and hiccups should not take over your life. When you live every day with a perpetually bad attitude, you negatively impact your physical and mental health. Even more, you negatively impact the lives of those people who care about you. Understanding the effects of a bad attitude is the first step in improving your outlook and, as a result, your life.

Physical Effects

Having a bad attitude every day is a lot of work. You expend energy that you could otherwise be channeling to much more important areas of your life. You might feel tired and lack energy throughout the day when you live with a perpetually bad attitude. Plus, if you're always negative, you are probably always consumed by stress. Stress can play a role in a variety of health conditions -- you might notice yourself getting more and more headaches, you might experience early signs of depression, and you might even be at an increased risk of coronary disease.

Relationship Effects

A negative attitude has long-lasting effects on how others perceive you -- and this perception can impact your relationships for the long term. At work, if you're always viewed as the negative guy or gal, your coworkers will stop asking for your input. Your superiors might question your ability to complete your tasks or deal with clients. Outside of the office, a negative attitude can have a range of long-term effects. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will undoubtedly suffer. You might fight more than usual. The spark in your relationship might start to fizzle, with intimacy all but disappearing. You won't spend quality time together because your significant other simply won't want to be around your negativity.

Even more, if you have children, your bad attitude can shape not only how they perceive you but also how they perceive themselves. Children need a supportive, present, and positive parent in their lives so that they can excel. Your bad attitude can have long-lasting effects on your relationship with your children and their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Likewise, this negativity can affect your social life. If you're a chronically negative person, chances are your friends will eventually fade away, instead opting to socialize with people who uplift them, rather than drag them down. A bad attitude can lead to a life of isolation, where the people who you love simply do not want to be around your negativity.

Moving Forward

If a bad attitude consumes your life, it's time to make a change. The physical and mental effects of chronic negativity can impact your health. Moreover, this bad attitude can damage both your professional and personal relationships. Focusing on the positive and embracing a more optimistic outlook can offer many benefits moving forward.



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