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Drew's Before and After Pictures

Drew's Weight Loss Success Story:

  • Total weight loss of 35 pounds with the HCG Diet
  • Drew's average HCG weight loss was 0.8 pounds a day! (it only took him 40 days to lose 35 pounds).
  • As you can see from the above pictures, he experienced body reshaping in his cheeks, neck, and chest.
  • He plans on doing another round of the HCG Diet to lose even more weight!

"I am really excited to show you these two pictures! The fatter picture is when I weighed 257 pounds. Now I weigh only 222 pounds. This was all done in a matter of 40 days on the DIY HCG Program. I even had three days that I couldn't follow the diet exactly because my grandfather died and I was on the road. I am extremely pleased with the program and I am going to do it again after I get back from my honeymoon. Thanks!"    ~Drew F.

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Want more success stories? Read what others have said about the DIY HCG Diet below...

“Since 1994, when I had chemotherapy for breast cancer, I've been carrying 20 ugly pounds that I put on due to the chemo. Nothing, neither diet, exercise, nor starvation would move it. It was like my weight loss genetic code had been changed. Until chemo, I'd been a size 10. After chemo, became a size 16. At 5'2” I was definitely overweight. When I heard about HCG, I doubted it would help me but agreed to research it for my friend who was taking the injections. That’s when I discovered DIY HCG. I thought "Why not? It's safe and it's homeopathic. It can't hurt me." During the Christmas holidays, I slipped into my new size 10 petite pants and looked at myself in the mirror. There I stood. I'd lost the 20 pounds and the toxins from the chemo. And, my body had changed. I no longer was craving carbohydrates and starving all the time. I was back to me, the me before cancer.”    ~Jackie S.

“I am a 45 year old who has stayed pretty active and fairly fit all my life. Over the past few years though I had gained 10-15 pounds or so that I have had a hard time getting rid of...and I am even a runner. Have run ½ marathons and even a full marathon within the past 2 years. I have lost my 14 pounds with HCG, and am thrilled at WHERE I have lost it. Typically I would try to lose inches or weight by starting a running training plan for an event. I would lose in my hips and butt, but was not seeing any differences anywhere else. HCG has taken a little off all over so that my shirts and pants fit better. I have lost in my waist which has otherwise been very difficult. I do have a child who is very overweight and look forward to working with her on this diet after she has her baby this summer.”    ~Maureen B.

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