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Kent's Before and After Pictures

Kent's Weight Loss Success Story & Diet Review:

  • Start weight: 245 pounds
  • End weight: 205 pounds
  • Kent was able to lose 40 pounds in only 23 days on the DIY HCG Diet.

He heard about the HCG Diet from a friend at work who started losing weight very fast. Kent simply asked him what diet he was doing... and he quickly learned about the life-changing HCG Diet.

He is no longer self-conscious about "sucking in his gut", thanks to the weight he lost with the HCG Diet. He also has more energy and is feeling ready for swimsuit season in San Diego. He attributes his weight loss success to the homeopathic HCG Diet drops he purchased from He is telling all of his friends and family about how he safely, easily and quickly lost weight on this diet.

Kent also gave us a video testimonial about his experience on the HCG Diet, watch the video here.

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Want more success stories? Read what others have said about the DIY HCG Diet below...

"On my 13th day of HCG now and I feel great. I have lost about 12 pounds and it makes me very happy. Seeing the scale go down has helped me remain vigil about this HCG Diet. I can hardly wait to see the results of round 1. Thanks DIY HCG!"   ~Lorna K.

“It works for me.”   ~John B.

“I struggled with weight for approximately 2 years and living with a lot of stress. The things I used to do no longer work such as exercising, walking and changing diet habits. I actually experienced progress and it was wonderful! I felt I was overweight about 15-20 pounds. For me being a petite person, that was significant. I lost 15 pounds within 3 weeks and I am not looking back! HCG protocol helps you to lose weight but it also helps you to eat differently, more Healthy. Who doesn't want to benefit from that?”   ~P. Farris

"Fast and easy weight loss is what I had on this hcg diet plan. I wasn't very hungry, except the first few days. I lost a lot of girth to my belly and chest. I'm very happy a co-worker told me about this diet. I plan on doing it over again until I hit my goal weight."   ~Bill A.

“DIY and the product DIY HCG have helped me to get passed a stall in my metabolism and allowed me to shed 30 unwanted pounds. As a result, I am entering into the second century of my life as a much healthier individual and excited to be able to look and feel healthy.”   ~Linda L.

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