HCG Diet Before and After Pictures - Alicia K

 See Alicia's amazing HCG transformation pictures and read her full HCG weight loss success story below...  

Alicia's HCG Weight Loss Success Story:

  • Total weight loss of 143 pounds on the HCG Diet!
  • During her first round of HCG she lost over 40 pounds!
  • Losing the weight has helped Alicia be more happy, healthy, active, and confidant!

Read Alicia's letter about her HCG weight loss success below:

"Hello!  My name is Alicia K. My step mother and father told me about the HCG Diet two years ago. I told my father "go ahead and starve yourself!"  I saw him a month later and he looked fantastic and said he felt great!  I decided, after struggling with my weight my whole life, to give HCG a try!  I weighed (at my worst) 285 lbs. I did one round of the HCG and lost over 40 lbs!  It was a life style change! After I lost the first 40 I was encouraged and motivated to lose more!  It has been over a year and a half. I have went from 285 to today 142 — I lost half my weight!  I owe this to DIY HCG!!!  

I am now in super health, active, confidant, and proud!  I have maintained (kept off) this weight due to the changes the HCG Diet helped me set!! I couldn't be happier!!  Thank you so much!!  I have attached a photo, for you have see to believe! 

Anyone that has asked me how I did it, I always tell them...it was due to DIY HCG!!"

     ~Alicia K.

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