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Daily Water Calculator

Daily Water Intake CalculatorAs listed in the tips for success on the HCG Diet, a critical component of the protocol is drinking lots of good old water! 8 glasses per day is the number normally suggested but this really isn't a "one size fits all" sort of number. Additionally, drinking water is so important no matter what phase of the diet you're in, low-cal, maintenance or the "rest of your life".

Factors such as weather, environment, type/degree of physical activity, medication and being pregnant or nursing can impact the amount of water your body needs. Do you know how to calculate your daily water intake? This simple formula will help estimate the amount of water a healthy person should drink per day based on body weight and physical activity.


Daily Water Calculator Formula

Weight in Pounds = W

Exercise in Minutes Per Day = E

(W/2) + (E*.1) = Recommended Water in Ounces (rounded to the nearest half glass)

For example, if a person weighs 150 lbs and exercises 40 minutes per day, he/she should drink 79 ounces per day or 10 glasses of water.

150 / 2 = 75

40 X .1 = 4

75 + 4 = 79 ounces which is rounded to 80 ounces or ten 8-oz glasses of water per day.

Clues as to whether a person should increase or decrease their daily water intake:

  1. Urine should be a pale yellow color (unless a person is taking riboflavin which may be in multi vitamins and/or Vitamin B2 and may turn urine a bright yellow).
  2. Healthy adults should urinate 7-8 times per day.

When you drink water, drink PURE water.  Pure water will quench thirst rather than soda, coffee, tea, sugary fruit juices, sports drinks, etc.  Caffeine and alcohol act as a diuretic and will dehydrate, rather than hydrate, the body.

Drink water throughout the day, for example, drink an 8 oz. glass in 60-90 minutes.  Guzzling water, or any liquid, is hard on the kidneys.