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What If I Cheat on the HCG Diet?

Many participants complete the HCG Diet Protocol without cheating! No, you do not want to cheat on the HCG Diet. Following the diet without cheating is up to YOU and you must KNOW that you can do it, especially because it is for such a short period of time. Temptations will come… and GO—just make sure you don’t give in. You are in control and when those times that you want to cheat creep up, find something to distract you long enough for the GO to happen.


Just remember that if you do decide to cheat, you will probably feel guilty and unsatisfied. Cheating may affect your weight loss for up to 3 or even more days, possibly a whole week. This makes cheating costly in terms of both time and money! It is not worth it!

Avoid Cheating on the HCG Diet

Here are some things to do and remember to help you avoid cheating:


  1. Don’t forget to measure yourself as well as weigh yourself on the very first gorge day so you’ll be able to keep an accurate account of your weight loss success.
  2. Make sure you are using diet-safe dressings, spices and sauces to flavor your meals so you feel satisfied and look forward to them.
  3. Remember that every week you should be seeing amazing weight loss results.
  4. Make sure you are weighing yourself every morning to see those results for encouragement.
  5. You should be journaling what you are eating to make sure you are following the diet properly.
  6. Don’t expect to see large drops of weight every day, it should be a gradual loss that averages about 3 pounds per week after the first week. Remember, the first week you will be losing your gorge weight and may see as much as 10 pounds lost but you will not continue to lose that much every week.
  7. Remember that typical weight loss results are 20-30 pounds in 6 weeks.
  8. Your clothes will start getting loose during the diet which is always encouraging.
  9. Go shopping instead of cheating and you’ll not only get some mild exercise, but you’ll be able to fit into clothes you couldn’t wear before.
  10. You may have some clothes in your closet you haven’t gotten rid of because you thought you might be able to wear them again. But don’t wait too long, you might miss a size!
  11. Look at pictures of a skinnier you and know that you can lose weight!