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(Don’t) Feel the Burn – Exercise on the HCG Diet

The idea of exercising while dieting is one that everyone is totally used to. But the idea of not exercising while dieting can be a tough one for some people to understand.


With the HCG Diet, you DO NOT NEED TO EXERCISE. In fact, you probably shouldn’t exercise much at all during the HCG VLCD.


The best guideline to follow is if you’ve already been working out regularly for at least 2 months before you start the HCG Diet, you can continue to do so. You just need to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard in your workouts (heavy weights, strenuous cardio, etc.). Just listen to your body.


But, if you haven’t been working out regularly before you start the diet, don’t start now. Wait one month longer until you've reached maintenance. It will be a lot easier on your joints then too since you'll be down 20 pounds or so. However, if with your newfound health consciousness, you want to do something on the HCG Diet, try taking short walks. About 20 minutes per day is all you should really do while on HCG. And, if you find yourself getting sweaty and winded, slow it down.


All of this is because when we work out, we break down our muscles. When our muscles repair (which is how we get bigger and stronger) we retain water. You don’t want a bunch of extra water weight stalling you. In addition, the HCG Diet was not designed to sustain people who are burning a ton of calories in physical activity every day. Most people don’t feel tired or weak on the HCG Diet, but you’re more likely to experience those things if you’re working out really hard.


If you’d like to avoid any negative effects from exercise, just don’t exercise. It’s that simple. So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing HCG weight loss without feeling the burn.


Have you had any positive or negative experiences working out while on the HCG Diet?