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HCG Diet Side Effects Explained: Hair Loss on HCG

First of all, hair loss on HCG is reported much less often with homeopathic HCG than it is with HCG injections/HCG shots. Most people experience some amount of hair loss, noticeable or not, but very few people report major hair loss during the HCG Diet.


Hair loss on HCG can happen for one of two reasons:


  1. It’s just part of the hormone swing as you start taking HCG or after your round, when you stop taking HCG, as temporarily occurs after pregnancy.
  2. It’s because it’s just a part of rapid weight loss. You’re releasing 20-30 lbs a month on the HCG Diet, which is definitely considered rapid.


No matter what the reason, it is short-lived because you are only on HCG for about a month. Your hair grows in two- to three-month cycles, so whatever falls out during the HCG Diet, will soon regrow when you are through with your round. No, it’s not a fun situation, but as previously stated, the rare cases of significant hair loss we have heard about have not been severe and you are losing 20-30 lbs. So you just have to decide if it’s worth it.


Unfortunately, as far as we know, there is no way to combat hair loss while on the HCG Diet. Just know that it is not a permanent problem, it will grow back in time, and it’s just a part of having the opportunity to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time.