​Adjustments to HCG Dosages During a Cycle

Dr. Simeons' discovery that HCG releases abnormal fat into the bloodstream for use as energy has helped countless people to lose weight. But he found that it may also lead to physiological changes in the body that make weight maintenance easier after a person has successfully completed the HCG Diet. Most people start off with a suggested homeopathic HCG dose of [...] Read More

​Moving On to Maintenance on the HCG Diet

Regardless of how much or how little weight you need to lose, the minimum number of HCG days for the protocol is 23, and the maximum is 40, counting the gorge days. Keep in mind that if you only need to lose five or ten pounds, you'll likely accomplish your goal in the first week or two of the [...] Read More

​Summary of a Typical HCG Diet Round

Timing is everything with the HCG Protocol. Preparing ahead of time and knowing exactly what you will need to do during each phase will help ensure your success and prevent any surprises. Here is a very basic rundown of the protocol.Days One and Two: GorgeThe first two days of the protocol involve taking your daily dose of HCG and [...] Read More

​Best Low Calorie Cocktails for Maintenance and the Rest of Your Life

You've reached maintenance, don't want to gain the weight back, but still want to be able to enjoy a few libations? Here are some low calorie cocktails to keep you on track for weight loss.Slim 'n Sexy V½ oz. lime juice1 ½ oz. Remy Martin V1 oz. pomegranate juicelime wedge (for garnish)Combine all ingredients in a tall glass of ice and stir. [...] Read More