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How Do I Maintain My Weight Loss?

Maintenance starts three days after your last dosage of HCG weight loss drops. I bet you can’t wait, right?


First 3 Weeks of Maintenance

All foods are allowed, except starches and sugars, but always controlled by morning weighing. Perform a “Steak Day” if you weigh 2.1 pounds more than your weight on the last day you take your HCG diet drops. Skip breakfast and lunch but keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. In the evening, eat a huge steak (10 to 14 ounce) with only an apple or a raw tomato.


Foods you want to eat include plenty of vegetables, some fruit and, most importantly, a serving of protein at every meal or snack. You should be careful with fruit making sure you don’t eat too many and avoiding the really sweet fruits like grapes, bananas, and melons. Healthy snacks to include are nuts and cheeses, however, these are caution foods and must be eaten at minimum quantities. Make sure you don’t eat more than 3 caution foods per day and monitor and record your weight each morning to see if any of these foods cause you to gain weight.


The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide is a worthwhile investment because it includes an extensive “Food and Drink Guide” that you can refer to for specifics about what you can eat and drink during all phases of the diet.


Try these suggestions of foods to eat during a typical day of maintenance during the 1st 3 weeks:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, Vidalia onion cooked in olive oil, cantaloupe

Mid-morning snack: Apple with peanut butter

Lunch: Tuna salad with tomatoes on lettuce

Mid-afternoon snack: Organic trail mix (Make sure it doesn’t contain sugary dried fruit.)

Dinner: Steak with green beans, salad with regular dressing that has less than 2g carbs. (Do not choose low-fat or non-fat alternatives because the decrease in fat grams has been replaced with an increase of sugar/carbohydrate grams. Good examples of a regular dressing are Ranch, Bleu cheese, Vinaigrette and Italian. Stay away from sweet dressings such as French, Honey Mustard, and some Balsamic Vinaigrettes during this phase, as the sugar/carbohydrate grams per serving is typically significantly higher than 2 grams per serving.)

Late-night snack: Almonds, strawberries (flavored with stevia, not sugar), Brie cheese


Second 3 Weeks of Maintenance

Very gradually add starches/sugars in small quantities, but always control with morning weighing and performing a “Steak Day” if you exceed 2.1 pounds over your recorded weight from the morning you last took the HCG drops.