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What Foods are Allowed on HCG Phase 2?

Learn what foods are allowed on the HCG diet- broken down into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Most dieters first question when learning about the HCG Diet Protocol is... "What foods can I have on the HCG Diet?"

The answer is simple: the exact foods that Dr. Simeons lists in his HCG manuscript, Pounds and Inches Away: A New Approach to Obesity. If you have yet to read Dr. Simeons manuscript, you can download it free here.

To see the food list for each HCG Diet meal click below:

Once you look at the foods allowed on the HCG Diet, you may also want to consider other specific items, such as spices, salad dressings, grissini sticks, and stevia. Not all brands are treated equal when it comes to the HCG Diet because it's so strict. Most of the time store-bought brands of the following foods may not be allowed.

Using the right brands of foods will help ensure you're losing the highest amount of weight possible. Using 'bad' foods can cause slower weight loss or stalls, wasting your money. Take a look at the following articles to learn the best brands of seasonings, dressings, breadsticks, and sweeteners for the HCG Diet.

We hope this helps clarify the foods that are allowed on the very low calorie phase of the HCG Diet. Please feel free to contact us to ask us any questions you may have about the diet! Cheers!

Did you know...

We carry several different types of sauces you can use on Phase 2! Choosing condiments have always been an issue because the diet is so strict about what ingredients are allowed. Most store-bought tomato sauces, hot sauces, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, and marinades are not allowed because they contain sugars, starches, oils, preservatives, chemicals, or other unallowed ingredients. Our 'Simple Girl' product line was designed to work with the HCG Diet. The dressings and BBQ sauces are organic and sweetened only with pure stevia. The Hot Sauce uses only pure stevia and does not contain any chemicals. Learn more about these great products below...

The Simple Girl Carolina Kick BBQ sauce will make your taste buds dance because it's rich in flavor and only has 5 calories per serving. This is one of our top-selling products... so if you're going to order something, make sure to purchase this flavor!

The Simple Girl Southern Blend BBQ sauce is perfect to use as a marinade, cooking and dipping sauce for all your favorite foods. This BBQ Sauce has a well-rounded flavor that is not too hot and not too spicy. Add it to your burger, steak and chicken.

Simple Girl Hot Sauce: Do you like it hot? Turn up the heat with this awesome cayenne pepper-based sauce, which is very similar to a buffalo sauce without all the 'bad' ingredients.