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HCG Phase 2 Breakfast Food List

While on the HCG Diet, you truly only get two meals per day (lunch and dinner), but keep reading and we will show you how to split up your foods to make the HCG Diet more enjoyable, especially if you're a breakfast eater or morning person.

HCG Diet Breakfast:

  • Tea
  • Coffee

You can have tea and coffee in unlimited quantities without the use of cream or sugar. Sounds boring, right?

You may make your tea or coffee more enjoyable. They may be sweetened with saccharin or allowable powdered or liquid stevia while on Phase 2. And you may use one tablespoonful per day of 2% milk, many people choose to use it as creamer for their coffee.

The type of milk is not specific as long as it is not over 2% fat (whole milk, half & half, or cream is NOT allowed). But, you may use unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened soy milk, or other unsweetened non-dairy milk alternative. Do not use more than 1 tablespoon of milk per day because it can cause stalls or slower weight loss.

Breakfast Eater? Morning Person?

If you want actual food for breakfast, you may split your fruits and/or grissini away from main 'meals'. Remember the protein and vegetable servings must be eaten together for lunch and dinner, you may not break them up.

If you are splitting up your meals, an example of your daily menu may look like this:

Just make sure that when you split your fruit or grissini away from your meals that you do NOT eat it at your meal too.

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