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Diet Information

Here you’ll find tons of reliable HCG Diet information that will help you through the sometimes-complicated HCG Diet. We know all you want to do is lose weight fast so you are healthy and ready to do anything in life.  Dr. Simeons (a physician from Italy) developed this diet and wrote his manuscript to explain how to do it.  However, it was written for other medical doctors, so sometimes the language can be a bit hard to understand.  We try to have a place for all the HCG Diet info that is easy to read and understand in order to most help YOU complete the diet with as little trouble as possible. You can lose weight fast and we are here to help!

Click below to explore all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the HCG Diet, you'll find recipes, tips, tricks and more. If you are trying to decide if the HCG Diet is right for you, you may want to visit all sections of the below HCG Diet information to learn about each phase of the HCG Diet.  This will give you all the info that you need to make a decision to see if this is the right weight loss plan for you.  It is strict, and it does go against almost every other weight loss plan out there, BUT it works and will help you to achieve quick weight loss in all the right places. Enjoy your research!

As owners DIY HCG, we have personally lost weight using while using our DIY HCG Diet Plan and products. Here is all the knowledge we learned, free to you, so you can lose weight fast.

General HCG Diet Information: Find the summary of the HCG Diet, information on how the HCG Diet works, what type of HCG to buy, where to order HCG drops, buying HCG mistakes, how to prepare for the HCG Diet, and more!

HCG Phase 2 Information (VLCD Information): Find the summary of HCG Phase 2, information on the side effects of HCG, the Phase 2 food list, HCG stall breakers, HCG tips, tricks, and more!

HCG Phase 3 Information (Maintenance Information): Find the summary of HCG Phase 3, information on what foods to eat during HCG maintenance, why HCG maintenance is so important, and more!

HCG Diet Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to the most common questions, such as "Where to buy HCG drops?", "What is the HCG Diet?", "What is the HCG food list?", "What are HCG side effects", and more!

Free HCG Recipes: Checkout our free HCG Diet recipes for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the HCG Diet, just click here and get cooking yummy HCG meals today!

Free HCG Sample Menus: Several HCG Diet sample menus including gorge day menus, Phase 2 menus, and Phase 3 sample menus for the HCG Diet.

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