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How HCG Works for Fast Weight Loss


Learn about how HCG works for weight loss — one of the fastest weight loss methods I've tried!

In this article, we will give a brief overview of:

  • How the HCG Diet scientifically works for weight loss
  • How HCG helps to reset your metabolism and change what kind of foods you crave

How HCG Drops Work For Weight Loss:

Dr. Simeons is a physician who developed the HCG Diet plan back in the 1950's. In his manuscript, Dr. Simeons says the following general information about how the HCG Diet works:

"When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired... The fat they have come to detest stays on." (Excerpt from Dr. Simeons' Manuscript)

To rephrase Dr. Simeons in simpler words: The HCG Diet plan allows your body to tap into your body’s abnormal fat deposits (shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, and buttocks).

In obese HCG Diet clients, these deposits are not usually accessible to the body until the person has gone through both his normal fat (your energy in/energy out reserve) and structural fat (fat between your organs, in your face, etc.) as described above. This is the reason why no matter how much some people exercise and starve themselves, they still have, for example, a "big gut and big butt".

The HCG Diet drops, which are a liquid type of drop that goes under your tongue, coupled with the very low-calorie diet, allows abnormal fat deposits to be tapped into, released into the blood stream and used by the body.

Some scientific reasoning about why HCG is the key to fast weight loss. When a woman is pregnant, her body is producing large amounts of HCG. The HCG is a pregnancy hormone as a 'fail-safe' if the pregnant woman cannot nourish herself. For instance, some pregnant women are nauseous for weeks at a time and not getting much nutrition or calories from food. But, the HCG hormone allowed her abnormal fat store to be broken up and used as food, therefore, the pregnancy typically remains relatively healthy and the woman is able to give birth to a healthy baby.

This release of fat/calories into the blood stream is also why clients taking the HCG Diet drops are generally not hungry and generally have plenty of energy during the very low-calorie diet phase of the HCG Protocol.

According to Dr. Simeons, the HCG drops actually release 1500-4000 calories per day into the bloodstream. This is the ONLY reason it is okay to safely limit yourself to a 500-calorie diet while on Phase 2 of HCG.

Without the effect of the HCG Diet drops, Dr. Simeons and the rest of the world agree that a typical very low-calorie diet (VLCD) leave the dieter looking haggard with a skeleton-like face, starving, and facing excessive nutritional deficiency. Most diets begin weight loss by depleting your structural fat (the fat that cushions your organs and gives your face a soft, non-skeletal look) and your normal fat reserves.

However, MOST diets are slow to affect the abnormal fat which is stored in your abnormal fat deposits (shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, and buttocks), which is the fat that most of us want gone, BUT it seems that there is only one efficient key to unlock those areas of fat: The HCG Diet drops.

How HCG Helps to Reset Your Metabolism and Change What Kind of Foods You Crave

HCG actually burns up abnormal fat cells and the HCG Diet helps to reset the hypothalamus. Dr. Simeons described the process as tapping into the abnormal fat deposits, and further proposed that HCG Diet drops potentially affect your hypothalamus and your base metabolism.

The HCG Diet Protocol inherently is an effective detox because only a small amount of food is eaten each day and the food is healthy. This alone gives your entire system rest from the onslaught of unhealthy, processed foods and drinks people typically eat. Some experts feel the HCG Diet acts as a detox and allows your hypothalamus to clear itself of the chemical build-up that could be preventing weight loss and re-establishes the natural functioning hormone release of the hypothalamus.

This detox (while most may not realize they are going through it during this fast weight loss program) can actually change what foods you crave.  For example, when coming off of the VLCD (very low-calorie diet) phase, many HCG dieters are surprised that they crave peanuts, eggs, and cheese (high protein, low carb foods) when they finish the HCG Diet.  And they are so happy that their minds are no longer plagued by the constant junk food cravings!  This, of course, requires a full 21 days of no cheating on the VLCD/Phase 2 to help cleanse the body's hypothalamus and metabolism to give you a restart.

So, again, unlike MOST diets, the HCG Diet plan (commonly mistaken as the HGC Diet plan) potentially has long-lasting effects that help change your attitude towards food and may help your body handle that food more efficiently.

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