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HCG Diet Phase 3 Summary

(Part 4 of 4)

HCG diet & ketogenic diet

The goal during HCG Maintenance and most diets, like the ketogenic diet, is to help your body learn a new weight set point. You must still weigh every day on HCG Maintenance (and for life) in order to train your body to maintain this new weight set point.

Your 'weight set point' is the weight you were the first day off the HCG weight loss drops (the morning of your first HCG Diet exit day). During the 6 weeks of HCG maintenance, your main goal it to stay within 2 pounds above and below your weight set point. See the example below for a better understanding:

  • 136.4 pounds - Last HCG Diet weight, my set point.
  • My weight range for HCG Maintenance is 134.4-138.4 pounds.
  • Below 134.4
    • I'm not eating enough. Remember that you are not supposed to lose weight on HCG Diet Phase 3, you are supposed to be stabilizing.
  • Above 138.4
    • I ate too much or at too many 'trigger foods'. Time for a steak day to lower my weight!

Any day that your morning weight is 2.1 lbs over your last HCG date weight, you must perform a steak day.

Directions for a "Steak Day": Eat nothing all day. Drink plenty of water, coffee, and/or tea (unsweetened). For dinner eat a huge steak (8-14 oz) followed by an apple or a raw tomato. This should put you back down 2-5 lbs and get you back in your “range”.

As you move forward in life you will continue to weigh yourself each day and complete a 'steak day' any other time that your morning weight is 2.1 lbs over your last HCG date weight. It’s that simple to maintain your weight loss! Cheers!

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