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3 Benefits of Rapid Weight Loss Plans

Starvation diets and low-carb diets can help you lose weight quickly. Often, however, you are cautioned against rushing your way to a lower weight level on “starve diets” since many of these rapid weight loss plans will make you lose muscle and water but very little fat. However, the HCG Diet Protocol, although it’s a very low-calorie diet, is not like other starve diets. HCG helps the body to tap directly into fat stores so that the dieter doesn’t feel starved, is able to reap the nutritional benefits from stored fat, and loses weight from areas in hard-to-lose-from places like the hips, thighs and mid-section rather than losing muscle or losing from the face and chest. Here are some positive effects associated with rapid weight loss.


You still lose a good deal of weight
According to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, those who try rapid weight loss do regain a good deal of the weight that they lose. Nevertheless, over time, they don't regain all of it; instead, they end up at a lower weight level. The study looked at more than forty obese people and found that those who rapidly lost weight at a rate of half a pound a day were much more successful at keeping the weight off than those who lost weight more gradually.


While both the group under test and the control group lost an equal amount of weight over the period of the tests, more among those who lost it rapidly, managed to keep weight off after two years. In the study, after two years, they only regained eighty percent of the weight that they lost. The control group that lost weight gradually regained more weight. Rapid weight loss, then, does come with the benefit that you end up losing some weight over time.


Rapid weight loss can greatly motivate you
How quickly you lose your weight may help you over the long-term. If you are to be successful at keeping off significant amounts of the weight that you lose, however, you need to make your new dietary habits a permanent feature of your life. Nevertheless, being able to see yourself shed weight quickly can be a great motivator. It can help strengthen your determination to carry on with the weight loss effort. To see that your efforts work can help you stick to a plan. Rapid weight loss, then, can help people gain greater commitment to the idea of losing weight.


Crash diets can be cheap and easy
Unlike special diets that require you to invest in expensive supplements and foods, rapid weight loss diets require you to eat very little, meaning that you don't spend much on them. These diets also tend to be short. For this reason, they can be easy to follow. The combination of ease, low cost and shortness of duration can help these diets attract those who are not sure enough of the idea of losing weight to commit to longer plans.


Certainly, gradual weight loss programs may work well for those who are organized and committed. For those who find these qualities hard to come by, however, a rapid weight loss diet can offer good results. Dieters follow the HCG Diet Protocol in conjunction with take DIY HCG Drops generally lose 20 to 30 pounds in about a month. Take a look at reviews submitted by our customers!