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HCG Phase 2 Sample Menu (Budget) Part 1

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Budget Sample HCG VLCD Menus (Phase 2)
Requirements besides food from grocery store (all are available on diyhcg.com):

  • Box of HCG Grissini Breadsticks / HCG Breadstick Grissino
  • 2 bottles of HCG-Approved Salad Dressing
  • HCG Safe Stevia packets

Get 100% protocol approved HCG safe grissini sticks!

HCG Salad dressing for phase 2 of the HCG diet is now available at DIY HCG. We have 3 different HCG salad dressing flavors... look now!

There are so many different brands of stevia that are on the market, learn what brands are allowed while on Phase 2 of HCG and which ones are not!

HCG Diet Grissini HCG Salad Dressings HCG Safe Stevia


  • HCG Breakfast - Tea or coffee, 1 tablespoon 2% milk
  • HCG Snack – 1 apple
  • HCG Lunch -3.5 oz chicken breast, Asparagus, grissini breadstick
  • HCG Dinner – 3.5 oz steak, Spinach, Grissini Breadstick
  • HCG Snack – Handful of strawberries


  • HCG Breakfast - Green Tea
  • HCG Lunch – 3.5 oz grilled chicken, slaw (cabbage with approved HCG diet dressing)
  • HCG Snack – 1 apple
  • HCG Dinner – 3.5 oz. shrimp. Lettuce with approved HCG dressing, and Melba toast
  • HCG Snack – “Apple Pie” (1 apple sliced up, sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia packet, microwaved for 2 ½ minutes)

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