No Prescription or Medical Evaluation Required to Purchase HCG Diet Drops
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Checklist for HCG DietGet the best HCG shopping list here... super helpful!

Get the best HCG Diet shopping list here... super helpful!

Are you looking for a shopping list or supply checklist specifically for the HCG Diet? You found it!

These are all the items you will need for the HCG Diet! Following these recommendations for the right supplies can help maximize your time on the diet for the fastest weight loss possible.

All the items with a (*) are available to order online from DIY HCG! We've been selling DIY HCG Diet supplies since 2008 and all our supplies are tested for 100% compliance with the HCG Diet!

Required for the HCG Diet

Weight Loss Drops

  • There are different types of HCG ranging from injections, pills, creams, drops, etc. We choose to sell the diet drops, easy to administer and has been tested and proven to work just as well as medical hormone injections.
  • Method to administer the DIY Diet Drops
    • Our drops have a calibrated dropper and you can ask for a FREE oral syringe with your order for more precise measurements. Just be sure to ask for one when you place your order.

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Kitchen Scale that measures to the tenths spot (.1 or .2 lb)

Bathroom Scale that measures to the tenth spot (.1 or .2 lb)

Diet Approved Meat

Diet Approved Fresh Fruits

Diet Approved Fresh Vegetables 

Diet Approved Grissini Sticks

  • Allowed flavors garlic, original, and multi-grain.

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Highly Recommended for the HCG Diet

Non-Stick Grill: George Foreman or similar grill for oil-free cooking.

Ziptop Bags: Useful to put in your weighed and cut meat to freeze for later, easy meal prep.

DIY Diet Safe Powdered Stevia

  • Avoid brands that contain 'fillers' (No Stevia in the Raw, Truvia, Great Value Stevia, Zsweet, etc.)
  • Only pure stevia is allowed.

HCG Diet Safe Flavored Stevia Drops

  • Flavors like chocolate, lemon drop, root beer, pumpkin spice, etc.

HCG Diet Safe Flavored Monk Fruit Drops

  • Flavors like Almond Amaretto, Caramel Micchiato, Crème Brûlée, Strawberry Guava, etc.

Measuring Tape to use for taking body measurements.

HCG Diet Safe Lotion (Tiffalina's Body Lotion)

HCG Diet Safe Lip Moisturizer

  • Baby Oil / Mineral Oil

DIY Diet Safe Hair Care (Tiffalnia's Hair Care)

DIY Diet Safe Bar Soap

  • Dial Bar Soap
  • Ivory Bar Soap
  • Jason's Bar Soap
  • Zest Bar Soap

Diet Safe Hand Soap

  • Softsoap Hand Wash Aquarium

Diet Safe Oil-free Shaving Cream

Diet Safe Spices
 (Simple Girl Spices)

Diet Approved Dressings (Simple Girl Dressings)

HCG Diet Approved Sauces (Simple Girl Sauces)

Diet Books

Optional for the DIY HCG Diet

Diet Safe Deodorant

  • Crystal Deodorant Stick or Roll-on
  • Secret Flawless Clear Crystal Deodorant (Clear Gel) (Clean Powder Scent)

Onion Cooker

  • To quickly and easily prepare an onion with just a microwave, perfect for work.

Latex Gloves or non-latex gloves

  • If you are going to be baking, dealing with fatty meats, or putting ointment or other oily substances on someone else.
  • For example, a baby with a diaper rash.

Diet Safe Toothpaste

  • Ultrabright Toothpaste
  • Some people mix small amount of baking soda and water for a homemade toothpaste.

Now it's time to go shopping! Please be aware that some 'truly safe' HCG Diet items are hard to find in local stores, such as correct brands of grissini breadsticks and HCG Diet safe brands of stevia. Save time by ordering the hard-to-find HCG Diet products online with, rather than driving around to 10 grocery stores and staring at ingredients panels for 3 hours. Our DIY HCG products are all 100% HCG Diet Protocol approved and have been toughly tested for compliance with the HCG Diet.

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