DIY HCG was the first online company to sell HCG drops and has continued to work with our customers to bring them the best and most reliable HCG drops and HCG diet information. We use HCG that is manufactured in the United States and that is held to the highest standards in homeopathic supplement creation. Plus, we make sure to give you ONLY products and information that adhere 100% to Dr. Simeons’ Manuscript: Pounds and Inches, A New Approach to Obesity because we want to make sure that you have only the highest success rate possible while taking the journey of the HCG diet.

If you don’t already know, Dr. Simeons was an Italian doctor in the 60’s who formulated the HCG diet process. He worked with obese patients of all ages for over 20 years to create the perfect formula for the HCG diet to allow maximum weight loss and maintenance. He tried many, many things before releasing only those that worked in his manuscript for other medical professionals to see. However, since the diet was discovered, many people (patient and doctors alike) have made up their own ways to change the diet and make it so it is “easier” for their client/customer to lose weight. This may include allowing foods that weren’t on Dr. Simeons’ original food list or saying it is okay to use normal lotion/beauty products. However, while it may make the diet and beauty routine less strict, these changes can hinder speed of weight loss and also stop the detoxing effect that the HCG diet is supposed to have on your body and your hypothalamus (see Dr. Simeons’ Manuscript for more information on this).

So, all of our products and recommendations will follow the strict Dr. Simeons protocol. In fact, we created many of our products specifically for people who are on Phase 2 also known as the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) Phase of the Diet or for those on Phase 3 (also known as the Maintenance Phase) of the HCG diet. Furthermore, we are the home of Linda Prinster, Leanne Mennemeier, and Tiffany Prinster, all creators and authors of successful (and helpful) HCG diet books.

Our specially designed Phase 2 products include: HCG P2 Salad Dressings (Including Citrus Ginger, Vinaigrette, and Sweet Mustard), BBQ Sauce (which is an EXCELLENT addition to your VLCD meals and the ONLY one currently on the market that is allowed while on HCG), Hot Sauce, Spices (Including Lemon Herb Seasoning, All-Purpose Seasoning, Hot Pepper Steak Seasoning, and Louisiana Sweet Seasoning), and we are always adding more food items.

We also offer Phase 2 Safe beauty products. Again, if you are just learning about the diet, you may say – “Why would I need new beauty products while on the HCG diet?” Well, let us tell you.

While on the HCG Diet, you are not allowed to put anything that has any fats or oils in it onto your skin (EXCEPT baby oil, which makes no sense, but that’s the rule). So, you need to check all of your make up and items such as soap, shampoo, hair products, LOTIONS, and more before you apply to your skin during the VLCD because if they contain any fats or oils, they WILL stall your weight loss OR make you gain. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. Although, we wouldn’t recommend it as it will only slow you down. :)

So, we created a line of beauty products to use while you are on the HCG diet that includes Tiffalina’s HCG safe lotion, lip balm, shampoo, and conditioner. And although these products aren’t the most creamy and luxurious products out there, they will help you make it through the VLCD until you can use your normal products again.

Finally, for Phase 3 of the diet, we have developed an “Easy Protein” line that are snacks and foods that are high in protein and low in carbs, making them a great addition to your HCG Maintenance food list. With these yummy snacks, P3 will feel like a breeze to you.

If you decide that the HCG diet is right for you, good luck! There is so much information to be found about the diet, but it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Just take a deep breath, find some great P2 and P3 recipes, get your shopping done, and find something to distract you as you make your way through this awesome (yet sometimes difficult) weight loss plan.

Also, please feel free to check out the site and Dr. Simeons’ Manuscript: Pounds and Inches, A New Approach to Obesity. And never hesitate to call us with any questions that you might have. You can reach us at 888-389-0626 or email us at info@diyhcg.com. Even if you don’t want to talk to a live person, you can call our phone number and follow the instructions to listen to a short 5-minute recorded overview of the HCG diet. Sometimes just hearing it all in one place can help to clear up some misunderstandings that you may have.

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Budget HCG Phase 2 Sample Menu

The HCG diet made easy with our FREE meal planning... check out our sample menus for phase 2 of the HCG diet! We compiled a full week of example HCG meals to (hopefully) make your life easier on the HCG diet. For this example HCG meal plan you will need the following HCG supplies:

  • Fresh foods from the grocery store
  • 1 box of HCG approved grissini sticks
  • 2 bottles of HCG approved salad dressing
  • Some HCG safe stevia packets

Once you've gathered your food and supplies, it's time to get cooking... literally! Remember, these are just ideas for HCG phase 2 meals. You do not have to follow this HCG sample menu day by day, it's just an example. Feel free to mix these HCG sample menus with HCG recipes you've seen and any random combination of the allowed HCG foods you can think of! Enjoy! 

HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 1

  • Breakfast - Coffee with stevia and 1 tablespoon 2% milk
  • Snack – 1 apple
  • Lunch -3.5 oz. chicken breast, asparagus, grissini breadstick
  • Dinner – 3.5 oz. steak, spinach, grissini breadstick
  • Snack – Handful of strawberries

HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 2

  • Breakfast - Green tea with stevia
  • Lunch – 3.5 oz. grilled chicken, slaw (cabbage with approved HCG diet dressing)
  • Snack – 1 orange
  • Dinner – 3.5 oz. shrimp on top of lettuce with approved HCG dressing, and melba toast
  • Snack – “Apple Pie Crumble” See the HCG recipe here.

Get pre-made HCG diet meat HERE! Prepared in single portions to be super convenient for the HCG diet.

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HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 3

  • Breakfast - Coffee with stevia and 1 tablespoon 2% milk
  • Snack – 1 apple
  • Lunch – 3.5 oz. tuna on a bed of lettuce, topped with allowable mustard and melba toast
  • Dinner—3.5 oz. shredded chicken, sliced strawberries, baby spinach, crushed grissini stick all tossed with approved HCG dressing  

HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 4

  • Breakfast –Handful of strawberries and coffee with 1 tbsp of 2% milk and stevia
  • Lunch – 3.5 oz. of grilled steak on lettuce with HCG approved dressing and 2 melba rounds
  • Dinner – 3.5 oz. tilapia sprinkled with paprika, lettuce with approved HCG dressing, orange and 1 grissini sticks

HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 5

  • Breakfast –Green tea sweetened with stevia and ½ grapefruit
  • Snack – 1 grissini stick and a glass of HCG safe lemonade. See the recipe here
  • Lunch – 3.5 oz. grilled chicken, slaw (cabbage with approved HCG diet dressing)
  • Dinner – 3.5 oz. shrimp, lettuce with approved dressing, and 1 melba toast
  • Snack – An orange


Find the best HCG diet safe salad dressings HERE with three different flavors of dressings available!

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HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 6

  • Breakfast – Coffee with stevia and 1 tbsp of 2% milk
  • Snack –  Apple slice and topped with cinnamon and stevia
  • Lunch – 3.5 oz. chicken breast with 1 large cucumber sliced, and 2 melba rounds
  • Dinner – 3.5 oz. Lean ground beef with 1 vidalia onion grilled, 1 grissini stick
  • Snack – Handful of strawberries

HCG VLCD Sample Menu Day 7 

  • Breakfast – Coffee with stevia and 1 tbsp of 2% milk, ½ apple
  • Snack – 1 grissini stick with a few drops of chocolate stevia and a few drops of peppermint stevia (taste like a thin mint cookie!)
  • Lunch – 3.5 oz. can of tuna packed in water, lettuce with approved HCG dressing, ½ apple
  • Dinner—3.5 oz. lean steak, handful of strawberries, asparagus, 1 grissini stick

To get more ideas for HCG diet foods... check out our free recipes for phase 2 of the HCG diet. Click here.

Don't forget to buy all the items you need for the HCG diet. It's helpful to view our HCG diet shopping list to make sure you don't forget anything. Click here


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