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HCG Diet Medical Questions and Side Effects

The HCG Diet can be confusing... find awesome answers to the most commonly asked questions HERE!

Below you will find the answers to the following questions...

  1. Should I go to my doctor before beginning the HCG Diet?
  2. Is HCG safe for both men and women?
  3. Can I do the diet with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes?
  4. Will the HCG Diet change my period / menstrual cycle?
  5. Can you do the HCG Diet while pregnant?
  6. Can you do the HCG Diet while nursing?
  7. Can I take birth control on the HCG Diet?
  8. What are the typical side effects of the HCG Diet?
  9. Why does my doctor no approve of this Diet?
  10. How can I survive on 500 calories a day?


1.) Should I go to my doctor before starting the HCG Diet? You should ALWAYS consult with your physician before starting any weight loss program, or life-style change (including the HCG Diet). While we have had many, many participants do the HCG Diet on their own with success, you are advised to consult with your doctor as we cannot give medical advice or guidance.

2.) Is the HCG Diet safe for men and women? According to Dr. Simeons and our experience with thousands of participants, the HCG Diet is both safe and effective for both men and women. Men typically report losing .75-1.5 lbs per day and women typically report losing .5 -1 lb per day when the diet is followed properly. HCG is the hormone that a woman produces during pregnancy. However, it is quite commonly used in both men and women in fertility treatments. So, guys, don’t worry. You’ll be fine AND you’ll be dropping pounds like crazy.

3.) Can I still use the DIY HCG Diet drops if I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes? Since we are neither doctors nor physicians, we can’t give you any medical advice; however, we can tell you that we have had MANY clients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes that reported FANTASTIC results. You should work with your physician to monitor your progress during the protocol because some medications for medical conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes, in particular, may need to be adjusted, as you will be losing weight. We have had many participants report that while they started the HCG Diet with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes and were on medications for those conditions were able to decrease their dosage or even discontinue taking their medications with the blessing of their physicians. We never advise anyone to start, change, or stop taking medications. That is your physician’s job and they do it best. Furthermore, we have received RAVE HCG reviews from more than one physician when participants receive their post-HCG Diet blood work. One man’s doctor even made him a certificate for making such a positive advancement in his health because of the HCG Diet.

4.) Will I experience any changes in my menstrual cycle / menstruation / period while taking HCG? Every woman’s body is different. However, most women do experience some changes on their menstrual cycle also known as menstruation. It is concerning to see so many other HCG sites out there that say that the HCG Diet will not affect your cycle at all. That must simply be lack of experience.  We see changes of all types: starting earlier, starting later, having a cycle for the first time in a few years, having break through bleeding even when FAR into menopause.  Be aware that it does commonly cause some kind of change to your menstrual cycle. Regarding whether to take the drops during your cycle, it is up to you.  We have had customers that do stop the drops during their cycle and some that don't stop the drops during their cycle and have not found an issue either way.  What we recommend is that you do not take the drops on your 'heavy days' as they tend to make those days "heavier".

5.) What about the HCG Diet during pregnancy? If you are pregnant or nursing, you should not start taking HCG for weight loss. You should wait until you are finished nursing to begin the HCG Diet program. However, you may find the section entitled “Pregnancy and Obesity” in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript (free download on the homepage of to be an interesting read regarding terms of weight loss during your pregnancy.

6.) Can I do the DIY HCG Diet while I am nursing? We highly recommend that you wait until you are done nursing to start the HCG Diet. You should consult with your doctor if you feel otherwise.

7.) Can I use birth control while following the protocol? Yes, Dr. Simeons says in the manuscript that the HCG Diet should not affect your birth control pills and your birth control pills do not affect your weight loss.

8.) What are the typical HCG Diet side effects?
Most people on the HCG Diet experience only positive side effects:

  • Quick weight loss from abnormal fat stores
  • Huge loss of inches and reshaping of the body
  • More energy
  • Better, more deep and relaxing sleep
  • Less aches and pains
  • A general feeling of well-being
  • A healthier appetite during and after the low calorie portion of the HCG Diet

Very few people experience some less positive, minor side effects such as,

  • Leg cramping (can be alleviated by using the DIY HCG brand of HCG drops, which contains our special blend of cell salts).
  • A slight headache during the first week as you detox (you can take aspirin in a pill (non gel-cap) form to help).
  • **VERY RARE with Homeopathic HCG** Slight hair thinning that lasts for about 2 weeks and then fills back in later. Again, this is quite rare with our drops, but quite common among participants using injections.
  • The Loser's Manual Booklet, that comes free with your order covers side effects and fixes in more detail.

9.) My doctor says that this is a scam, won't work, is not safe, etc. and tells me that I just need to exercise more.  Ugh.  What do you say to that? We know that many doctors scoff at the HCG Diet when they first hear about it. This is mostly because 500 calories per day is generally considered unhealthy, which we agree — generally. If HCG is not in play, we consider 500 calories per day unhealthy. However, HCG changes everything by releasing fat (adding additional calories) into the blood stream. For the record, we have not come across any doctors who have actually seen the HCG Diet work that did not approve. Again, it is more the philosophy of the diet that they have an issue. Just keep in mind that a medical doctor, Dr. ATW Simeons, created and studied the HCG Diet for over 20 years. Between his experience and our experience, we have no doubts whatsoever that this is the real deal. Furthermore, we have worked with thousands of cases that certainly dispel the “won’t work”, “is a scam”, “isn’t safe”, etc. conclusions. Just take a look at our Success Stories Page to see for yourself!

10.) How can I possibly survive on a 500 calorie per day HCG Diet? HCG allows you to tap into your abnormal fat resources and RELEASE into your bloodstream all of the fats, calories, proteins, etc. that have been stored up. Therefore, your body is getting more than the 500 calories you are eating. Your body is getting the 500 calories you eat PLUS 1500-4000 calories (per Dr. Simeons) that the HCG releases from your abnormal fat stores. This is why you are generally not hungry, why your metabolism does NOT slow down, and why you are not ripping someone’s head off because you just need to EAT.

It is normal to feel a slight hunger for the first few days of the diet as the HCG is getting established in your system. However, at about HCG day 4 or 5, you should be feeling quite well and generally satisfied. You will be in a routine and only eating because it is time to eat; not because you are starving.

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