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HCG Diet Phase 2 Summary

(Part 1 of 3)

This part of the HCG Diet has many different names. You may know it as or hear it referred to as one of the following names: Phase 2, P2, VLCD, Very Low-Calorie Diet Phase, 500 Calorie Diet Phase. They are all the same part of the diet, just to clear up any possible confusion.

HCG Phase 2 basically consists of three basic parts: Gorging, VLCD (500 calorie) dieting, and exit days.

Part 1: 2 days of gorging while taking the HCG drops

Take the HCG Diet drops and eat as much fatty food as you can possibly get down without making yourself ill.

Part 2: Phase 2 VLCD (500 calorie phase)

Take the HCG Diet drops at eat according to the very, specific 500 calories per day, very-low calorie diet food plan.

Part 3: 3 days of 'exiting'

Do not take the HCG Diet drops to start weaning yourself off the HCG hormones, you still must follow the very, specific 500 calories per day, very-low calorie diet food plan for 72 hours after taking your last dose of HCG drops before moving on to the next phase of the diet, which is called the Maintenance Phase or Phase 3.

Read more about each part of the HCG Diet below and on the following pages...

Part 1: HCG Diet Gorge Days: 

  • Day #1 & #2 are called gorging days or loading days
  • This is when you take your HCG Diet drops and eat lots of fatty foods to prepare your body for the diet.
  • Try to eat as much fatty food as you can without making yourself physically ill.
  • Foods with a high-fat content are the key to gorging (cheese, meat, butter, salmon, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, etc.), not sugary foods.
  • Some of the most common foods for gorging on the HCG Diet are pizza, avocados, anything fried in oil, whole milk, ranch dressing, etc.
  • We have some example of gorge day menus so you can get an idea of what to eat, click here.
  • Remember to also eat anything that you will miss during the next month while on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.
  • Enjoy these two gorge days as much as possible because you will be on a very strict low-calorie diet.
  • REMEMBER: You must take your HCG Diet drops during the two days of gorging.

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