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Sample Gorge Day Diet Menus

View an example of fun gorge day menus for the loading phase of the HCG Diet!

Are you wondering "What to eat for the HCG Diet gorge days?" or "What are the best HCG Diet gorge foods?"  See the sample diet menus below for some suggestions.

HCG Gorge Day #1 Sample Menu:

  • HCG Gorge Breakfast: Donuts with cream filling dipped in whole milk
  • HCG Gorge Snack: Your favorite chocolate bar (a Twix bar for me!)
  • HCG Gorge Lunch: Pizza and a Caesar salad
  • HCG Gorge Snack: Your favorite ice cream
  • HCG Gorge Snack: Chips and guacamole
  • HCG Gorge Dinner: Fettuccini alfredo (for the fatty sauce) with chicken and garlic bread
  • HCG Gorge Dessert: Creamy cheesecake
  • HCG Gorge Snack: Some cookies and milk

HCG Gorge Day #2 Sample Menu:

  • HCG Gorge Breakfast: Whole eggs, sausage and bacon
  • HCG Gorge Snack: Your favorite fast food (a whopper & onion rings for me!)
  • HCG Gorge Lunch: Pizza and some hot wings
  • HCG Gorge Snack: A big-fat chili dog
  • HCG Gorge Snack: Loaded nachos
  • HCG Gorge Dinner: Large strip steak and a loaded baked potato (extra butter, sour cream, and bacon bits please!)
  • HCG Gorge Dessert: Layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing topped with ice cream
  • HCG Gorge Day Snack: French fries and a chocolate shake

Tips for Gorge Days:

1.) Take your HCG! You would never guess how many people get so excited about eating all this yummy food that they forget to take the HCG drops. The whole idea of the gorge days on the HCG Diet is to load up your fat stores to help supply your body until the HCG 'kicks in'.

2.) Eat Anything You'll Miss. Don't forget to eat anything that you think you may miss during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet... your favorite foods, a glass of wine, one last beer, etc.

3.) Pace Yourself. It's usually easier to consume more food if you eat several smaller high-fat meals throughout the day, rather than three really large regular meals.

4.) Carry Heartburn Relief. If you're not used to eating these types of foods you may get heartburn, be ready and carry some with you during the two days on gorging for the HCG Diet.

5.) Concentrate on Fat. High-fat foods are the main goal, not high-sugar foods. Sure, you can indulge in something sugary you may miss on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, but don't go overboard. Still aim for mostly high-fat foods... think ranch dressing, nuts, whole eggs, fried foods, salmon, cheese, avocados, full-fat Greek yogurt, etc.

6.) Don't make yourself sick. Don't get too crazy and make yourself sick or anything in efforts to 'conquer' the HCG gorge days. If you're feeling nauseous or anything, slow down there 'fella', we don't want you to have a gallbladder attack or anything like that.

We hoped you liked our sample diet menus for the gorging days on the HCG Diet. We also have sample menus to Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the HCG Diet so you can get an idea of what's ahead. Finally, don't forget your HCG drops.