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Common Mistakes When Buying HCG Diet Drops

(Part 4 of 4)


6. Now the BIGGIE: Make Sure the HCG is IN STOCK!

In other words BUY HCG in Stock!!!

Here is a VERY common issue that occurs with many sources for HCG Diet drops. We hear it all the time...Free Shipping On All HCG Diet Drops

So, you are online surfing around for the best deal on HCG and oh, you find a good one! It is $20 cheaper than everyone else and they have really neat graphics on their site. And, it says “In Stock”. You quickly place your order and then in the confirmation e-mail, it says something like, “Thank you for your purchase from Your order has been placed. Your order will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of your purchase date. Thank you for your business.” WHAT?!?!? Your excitement is shot down by a 2-3 week waiting period.

Ugh, but at least you got some notice that it wasn’t really “In Stock”. Some don’t even inform you that they don’t ‘exactly’ have HCG on their shelves. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than waiting around 3-6 weeks for something that was supposed to quickly change your life.

Again, watch out for those sneaky little green words “In Stock” next to the HCG bottle. Verify it says somewhere else on the site that it is ‘In Stock’ and when their orders typically ship. You should also be able to call or e-mail real companies and get a much better feel for how they do business.

Believe me, 5-6 days (or worse, 5-6 weeks) can seem like an eternity when you are psyched and ready to start losing.

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