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Common Mistakes When Buying HCG Diet Drops

(Part 2 of 4)


Some of the biggest factors in your success on the HCG Diet are...

  • Where you buy your HCG drops
  • If you have the right HCG Diet supplies
  • No cheating (knowingly or not knowingly) on the very strict HCG Diet plan

These factors are all important in your HCG Diet success because the effectiveness of HCG can vary, invalid recipes with non-allowed ingredients and spices are COMMON, and products sold on many other websites can cause slower loss, stalls or even GAINS, but they choose to sell them anyway simply for profit.

So, choose where you buy your HCG drops carefully and keep the following points in mind:

1.) Your HCG company MUST, MUST, MUST (did I say must?) be STRICT with the diet.

Make sure that they promote absolutely STRICT adherence to Dr. Simeons HCG Diet protocol found in his manuscript Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. If they promote slip-ups, advise how to get away with cheating on the HCG Diet, or have recipes on their site that mix vegetables or allow “un-allowed” spices or ingredients, drop them like they’re hot!

Why would you want to work with a company that promotes the HCG Diet without following Dr. Simeons' original, proven diet protocol? You will commonly see HCG companies promoting things like...

  • Meal replacements shakes (instead of real food)
  • 0 calorie drinks (such as diet soda) on Phase 2 even though they contain un-allowed ingredients
  • Extra ingredients in their HCG Diet 'safe' recipes
  • Eating large servings or multiple quantities of food
  • Mixing vegetables
  • Foods like cantaloupe, green beans, salmon
  • Having coconut oil, sugar free popsicles, etc.

NONE of those above things are allowed on the original HCG Diet plan that was made by Dr. Simeons. Other companies may support the above 'special HCG items' either because of ignorance to the importance of sticking to the original HCG manuscript or to keep you on the HCG Diet protocol longer, by not advising you to lose the fastest weight possible, generating a longer and more profitable income stream for them. This is Business 101 – keep the same customer longer by slowing down the potential weight loss results, therefore, they have to buy more stuff! So, BEWARE.

2.) Know the Lowest HCG Price is NOT Always the Best Reason to Buy.

Sure, there are some people selling prescription HCG ampoules for $10 each. There are even some people selling homeopathic HCG drops for $12 a bottle online and right out of their trunks in parking lots.
We can all agree that it is cheap, BUT it is also very scary and possibly even illegal.

You must look at what you are NOT getting when paying for the dirt-cheap versions. Good companies should offer the following services:

  • Customer service to answer questions
  • A number to call to check on the status of your orderFree Shipping On All HCG Diet Drops
  • Options for additional support
  • One-stop shopping for HCG products to save time and shipping for everything else you will want to be successful
  • Extensive reports & information on their website to help you lose as much as possible on the HCG Diet protocol
  • Free HCG Diet recipes & sample menus
  • Protocol approved items for ease of completing the HCG Diet, like HCG Diet safe barbecue sauce, spices, salad dressings, etc.

Then, there are the logistics of the HCG being in stock, their order turn-around time, and their speed of shipping. It is not unusual at all for sites to display in really small print, that orders placed are typically shipped within 2-3 business days, or worse, 2-3 WEEKS after you place and pay for your order! Please be aware of all these things when making your purchase.

Another little trick used on the HCG sites that takes advantage of ‘newbies’ is to offer ‘kits’ that are not enough for even a minimum number of days at low prices. When comparing prices, make sure there are enough HCG drops to finish a full round (minimum of 23 days needed to a maximum of 42 days). In other words, there may be “kits” out there for only $60, BUT they may only last for 14 days of a round. This can be devastating to a newcomer because they would simply run out of HCG drops before realizing that more drops would be required to complete even the minimum number of days. Please do your research on any company before you buy HCG drops.

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