No Prescription or Medical Evaluation Required to Purchase HCG Diet Drops
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Is a 1-oz bottle of drops enough to do a “round” of the HCG Diet?

No, the 20-Day package, a 1-oz bottle has enough drops for 20 days of the diet while the 2-oz bottle has enough for 40 days. A 1-oz bottle contains 30 ml, and the directions list the dosage at .5 ml, 3 times per day for a total of 1.5 ml per day. 30 ml (volume in the bottle) / 1.5 ml (amt taken per day) = 20 Days.


The drops are taken, per Dr. Simeons, during the 2 gorge days and during the very low-calorie diet phase for a minimum of 21 days. The total needed for even the shortest round possible is a 23-day supply.


Why do we even offer 1-oz bottles? Basically, we offer the 1-oz bottle to supplement the 2-oz bottle. It’s for customers who need more hcg in addition to what they already have. If people only need a bit more, we don’t want them to have to purchase a big bottle.


Below are some instances when this may occur.

  • Accidents happen -- people lose, break or spill their bottle in the middle of a round☹.
  • Some people need to increase their dosage amount; everybody is different! Depending on how much they increase and how long they’re going to do the diet (21-40 days), they may need more.
  • A person may have done a 30-day round and have 10 days’ worth left over. They’ll store the remainder in the refrigerator to save it for the next round and only need to purchase an additional ounce to have enough to complete another 30-day round.
  • There may be 2 family members who want to do a short round, i.e., 30 days of the diet together so purchasing a 1-oz bottle with a 2-oz bottle will be enough for both people and they’ve saved some money!


Occasionally, customers have asked if a 1.5-oz bottle is available. Unfortunately, bottles are only available from our manufacturer in 1-oz and 2-oz sizes since that is the industry standard for most homeopathic formulas.

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