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Why Time with Friends is So Important

Humans are social creatures, and we require interaction with other humans for optimum health and well being. Some of the best human interactions, as we all know, are the ones we have with our friends. Unlike family, who we also dearly love for the most part, we choose our friends, and they're a reflection of who we are.

While you are on the DIY HCG Diet, it's especially important to share your fast weight loss and general healthy eating plan with friends. Don't forget, losing 20 - 30 lbs in a month means you may look very different and you want your friends to know it.

The importance of friendship can't be overstated. Here are six reasons why having friends — and spending quality time with them on a regular basis — is important.


Healthier aging

A recent study found that friendships are particularly important as we age, and supportive friendships later in life is a major predictor of continuing good health and wellbeing. Conversely, people in the study who identified their friends as a source of stress also reported having more chronic illnesses than those who identified their friends as a source of support.


Less isolation and loneliness

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are linked to mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, and they can lead to substance abuse and addiction. Having a friend you know you can call in the middle of the night or who is always up for whatever staves off these feelings and the poor health that comes with them.



Friends have your back, and that can be very empowering. It allows you to explore who you are and where you want to go in life, and it improves self-confidence and helps you better express yourself. Friends also serve as watchful eyes and help us see the truth about things we may be in denial about, such as a cheating spouse, a terrible job, or a negative personality trait. They help us make better lifestyle choices, take risks, and cope with failures.



Research shows that people who have a healthy social life are happier than those who view themselves as outsiders. One study from Harvard University found that love, altruism, and happiness are literally spread through tight human connections. This means that close friendships — and even some of those more casual connections, according to the study — promote a high level of happiness and other positive emotions.


Reduced grief

People who lose a loved one and have strong support from their friends are better able to cope with their grief, according to research. We can be vulnerable with our friends, and we can express emotions to them that we might not be willing or able to express to anyone else. Our friends understand how we're feeling and know what we need, even if we don't ask for it.


Improved physical and mental health

Studies show that friendships help keep our minds and bodies healthy. A study from Harvard found that solid, healthy friendships even promote the physical health of the brain. Another study found that having friends reduces stress, which contributes to all sorts of devastating illnesses, and it helps us recover from illnesses more quickly. Don't forget to reference the HCG Diet for life long healthy eating tips.


Choose Your Friends Wisely

Not all friends are good for you. Some friendships can be toxic. Unhealthy relationships can do a lot of damage to your mental health, and they can reduce your quality of life. If you have friends who put you down, make you feel bad, or suck out all your energy whenever you're around them, it may be time to distance yourself and focus on nurturing your positive, healthy relationships that add value to your life. While you're on the HCG Diet, don't forget to share your ups an downs with friends, they can help you succeed in the long run.


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