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thumbnail for post titled "5 Healthiest Vegetables You Can Eat"
You probably know that vegetables are good for you. Who doesn't? But that doesn't necessarily mean they're your first choice for a meal. That's why this list will provide you…

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thumbnail for post titled "Tips for the Maintenance Phase"
The Maintenance Phase for many dieters is very scary. They know precisely what they are allowed to eat during the low-calorie phase, but once they’ve arrived at the Maintenance Phase,…

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thumbnail for post titled "Beware of Roadblocks on the HCG Diet!"
Spices and Seasonings All ingredients (not just the nutritional information) must be analyzed to ensure that no sugar, starch, oil, fats or other disallowed items are included in your…

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thumbnail for post titled "Natural Ways of Battling Depression"
Depression is a serious and difficult condition. As it becomes a bigger part of the nation-wide conversation, you might begin to question whether you yourself suffer from it. If you're…

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