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HCG Success Stories: Robin’s HCG Before and After

Here’s a video Robin made for us about her weight loss journey with HCG…take a look.

Robin’s Weight Loss Success Story:


  • Start weight: 153 pounds
  • End weight: 130 pounds
  • Total weight lost: 23 pounds in 1 round 
  • She described feeling more in control and empowered after losing weight.
  • She is excited to start another round of the HCG Diet soon in order to reach her goal weight.
  • Pant size before the HCG Diet: Size 12
  • Pant size after the HCG Diet: Size 6


Robin said the reason she did the HCG Diet was because she felt like a thin person in a big body. She had always been thin her whole life, but she gained weight after having children. She gained a little weight with each child and never lost it. She thought of herself as a ‘little person’ all her life and then realized that those words did not describe her and her body anymore. That was her motivation to do the HCG Diet.


Robin loves the DIY HCG website because it contains all the information you need about the diet and you can download a copy of Dr. Simeons’ HCG manuscript. She liked the fact she could learn about the HCG Diet to know what she was getting herself into before she received the box of HCG Diet products.


Robin says that the biggest change in her life after doing the HCG Diet is more clothing options in her closet. She used to refer to her closest as a ‘depressing wall of shame’ containing clothes that she could not fit into anymore.


Robin’s best advice for you about the HCG Diet is to start now because you have nothing to lose except the weight. You will know you are taking steps in the right direction in weight loss with the HCG Diet. She also says that the HCG Diet helped her learn about the her bad eating habits and how to pay attention to what she was eating.


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